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Absolute by Cloverleaf – Reviewed by ‘BigFishLad’

absolute arowana

We recently reviewed the Absolute by Cloverleaf range, we loved it! But two opinions are better than one so here is BigFishLad’s review of Absoute by Cloverleaf.

So, what did BigFishLad think of Absolute?

Absolute by Cloverleaf

Not too long ago we were sent a care package from Cloverleaf which contained some samples of their new Absolute Range.

We tested them thoroughly, checked out all the ingredients and our fishy friends put them through their paces too.

We loved it! So did our fish.

If you would like to see our full review, click HERE. We also tried out their Arowana formula, which you can find HERE.


BigFishLad puts Absolute to the test

It seems that Cloverleaf also sent some samples to BigFishLad and we feel that two opinions are better than one to give an idea of how a product performs.

Like us, BigFishLad had his fish do the real testing and it seems that the Absolute range scored well with his Jaguar Cichlid and his Red devil, both of whom he describes as particularly fussy fish.

(Not unlike some of ours).

So, without any further waffle from me, here is what BigFishLad thought of the absolute range, enjoy:




BigFishLad is a popular ‘fishtuber’ (Youtube fish guy) here in the UK and he has a vast collection of Cichlids as well as other species.

If you’re into fishkeeping (let’s hope that’s why you’re here) then head over to his channel and hit that subscribe button to keep up to date with his content.

You can find his channel home page HERE.

He posts content regularly and keeps many stunning fish, he has also reviewed many other products too so his channel is definitely worth checking out.


BigFishLad also has an Instagram account where you can see regular photos and videos of his impressive collection of fish, if you’re on Instagram then give him a follow HERE.


Review by BigFishLad

So, the verdict is in……….again.

Like us, BigFishLad is a big fan of the new Absolute range from Cloverleaf. This food really is high quality so it’s no wonder it has been receiving these great reviews.

Equally, or more importantly, even our fussy fish love it. Cichlids have a lot of character and can be fussy with new foods so they’re great at identifying what is good and what isn’t.

For a fussy Cichlid to accept a new food on the first try, it has to be good.

Our SRM hybrid is a testament to this and for a long time, he would only eat one specific food. The Absolute range has broadened his pallet and he now enjoys much of their range.

It seems that BigFishLad has the same issue, he describes his Jag and Red Devil as ‘fussy fish’ who will often spit out new foods. But this stuff is clearly being devoured.

The Absolute range really stands up, it is filled with quality ingredients, keeps your aquarium cleaner and, as demonstrated by both ours and BigFishLad’s fussy eaters, it tastes great!

(If you’re a fish).


So, two opinions are definitely better than one, and it seems these two match.

If you haven’t tried out the Absolute range yet then you will find it listed in our ‘ShopHERE.

Give it a go! It’s high quality and a hit with fussy fish!

Our shop only contains products that we have tried and tested which are available through Amazon.


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