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Keeping African Cichlids – Top 10 tips from KaveMan Aquatics

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KaveMan Aquatics top 10 tips for keeping African Cichlids.

Keeping African Cichlids

Thinking of keeping African Cichlids? Here are KaveMan Aquatics top 10 tips to know before you start:




Here’s KaveMan Aquatics video comments:


Having an African Cichlid Tank is special! African Cichlids are the most beautiful freshwater fish you will find.

Your African cichlid tank set up depends on which type of species you choose. Most hobbyists choose African cichlids from lake Malawi. The three main groups are Peacocks, Haps, and Mbunas.

Knowing which African cichlid tank mates mix well with others is very important. These fish can be very aggressive and you wouldn’t want a constant war in your tank. These 10 tips will help in establishing a beautiful, peaceful lake Malawi cichlid tank.


You can find the KaveMan Aquatics youtube channel here.

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