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All Pond Solutions WM-6000 – Wavemaker review

APS WM 6000 wavemaker

Wavemakers are a great way to increase circulation in your Aquarium, this comes with a host of benefits. In this article we will discuss these benefits and then see if the budget friendly APS-WM6000 is up to the task as good value for money as it first appears.

All Pond Solutions WM-6000

For a short while now I have been in need of a second Wavemaker to keep the flow around my aquarium strong enough and consistent.

I always use Wavemakers in larger tanks as they can help to keep the water moving, that means fewer pile-ups of detritus like food and fish poop.

Originally I was planning on getting a Fluval CP4, but after reading a few reviews I decided that it wasn’t the one for me. Next, I looked at the Jebao/Jecod OW range. These seemed pretty reasonably priced and they are adjustable, but in all likelihood, I would set it to the maximum and leave it there forever, so that was probably a lot of unnecessary features for me, as I would never use them.

What I needed was something to simply and effectively increase the circulation of water in my aquarium a little.

Then I realised that for around a year and a half, I have had an All Pond Solutions WM-3000 running, it cost me £12.99 and has never skipped a beat. So why not have a look at their other models?

After a quick browse on good old Amazon, I decided that the WM-6000 was the one for me, 6000 litres an hour should be the right power for my tank without overdoing it, and at a price of £16.99, what could go wrong?


Why add a Wavemaker?

Wavemakers have many uses in the aquarium. One I have mentioned already. Here are some of the top benefits of adding one to your tank:

Keeping your aquarium clean

They can help to keep flow up in the aquarium which means that debris and dirt is assisted on its journey to the filter, so they help to keep your tank clean.

Keeping your aquarium oxygenated

Wavemakers can be used to disturb the surface of the water. The surface disturbance is how oxygen is added to the water, so a wavemaker can keep your water very well oxygenated if it is used to move the surface of the water.

Maintaining aquarium temperature

More water movement and flow helps to keep a consistent temperature throughout your aquarium. It helps your heaters to be more efficient and effective.

Increased aquarium flow

I’ve mentioned flow a few times already as it helps in other areas. But flow in general is good for your fish. In the wild they would live in rivers and lakes which have several flows that twist, turn and swirl, so adding a bit of extra flow to the aquarium can help to replicate their natural environment.


Unboxing the All Pond Solutions WM-6000

The WM-6000 arrived really quickly which was great!

As soon as it came through the door I opened it up to see how it looked.

In the box was everything you would expect, The wavemaker itself with a UK plug fitted, a mounting attachment, and two adaptors to narrow the flow of water from the wavemaker. What else do you need?


all pond solutions wm-6000


The wavemaker itself is of good quality, it feels solid but it is lightweight, weighing just 660 grams. It certainly doesn’t feel like it would fall apart at any moment, which could easily be expected at the price this is sold at.

The unit itself isn’t the smallest, but it isn’t too big either, so it won’t take up a massive amount of space, but there are certainly more compact models available at this power.

The power cable is plenty long enough and easily reaches from the base of my tanks cabinet into the tank itself, with cable to spare. At around 2m long, it should fit onto most aquariums without issue.

This model is fairly large, and as such the gaps in the front, to allow flow, are quite large too. For that reason, it is not ideal for smaller fish. A fish such as a neon tetra could easily swim into there and find itself caught in the impeller.

A quick solution to this may be to cover the unit with the likes of a pair of tights but be aware that this will reduce the flow produced, probably fairly significantly.


Fitting the All Pond Solutions WM-6000

Fitting the WM-6000 to the aquarium could not be simpler. Using the suction bracket, the wavemaker attaches to the inside of the aquarium glass.

The suction bracket fits securely, which is great. There is nothing more irritating than attaching something to your aquarium, only to have it fall off 10 minutes later.

It has a very wide range of rotation and can be set at many angles. This enables you to easily adjust the wavemaker to provide a flow in any direction you choose.

For me, I set this up to simply blast water across the top of the tank. Used in conjunction with the WM-3000, which is fitted at the bottom on the opposite end, this creates a steady circular flow around my aquarium.


Here it is fitted to my aquarium:

All pond solutions wm-6000


And here is the WM-3000 at the opposite end:

all pond solutions wm-3000


Does it do the job?

The short answer is yes.

The power of this WM-6000 is perfect for my 5-foot aquarium and the flow of water is spot on to provide plenty of circulation, keeping my tank clean and the inhabitants happy.

I have tried it with and without the additional flow attachments. The attachments allow the wavemaker to produce a narrower flow of water. This means that the flow can be directed more precisely, rather than the wider stream produced without them.

Due to me having a second wavemaker in the tank, the narrower stream works better for me, as it helps to keep the flow from the wm-6000 at the top of the tank.

Unfortunately, I have no way of accurately measuring the flow produced by the wavemaker in order to tell if the flow is actually 6000lph. But based on previous experience with wavemakers, it looks about right. The fact that it is capable of pushing water all the way across and around my 5×2 aquarium, id say it is spot on.



The All Pond Solutions WM-6000 is a great wavemaker.

It isn’t the prettiest or most compact, but it does what it is supposed to very well. Time will tell how long-lived and robust it is. But my WM-3000 has been running for a long while now with no hiccups, so I have high hopes.

It is simple equipment to use and is plug and play, simply set it up where you need it and plug it in. It is easily adjustable and can be positioned anywhere in the aquarium.

At a price point of £16.99, it’s hard to have any complaints about this piece of equipment. A wavemaker in the same power range as this from the likes of Fluval will set you back around 3 times that amount, or more.


The All Pond Solutions WM range

All Pond Solutions provide a range of these wavemakers to suit almost any aquarium, so if you’re in the market for a bit of extra flow, save yourself a few quid and have a look at these:


APS WM-2000 – 2000lph Wavemaker

APS WM-3000 – 3000lph Wavemaker

APS WM-5000 – 5000lph Wavemaker

APS WM-6000 – 6000lph Wavemaker – as reviewed here.

APS Reef Surge – This is a programmable version that can be varied between 500 and 8000lph.


Whilst I am talking about APS products, it is worth mentioning that they also produce a range of external filters to suit a tight budget. I have had several of them in the past and am still running a 1000lph version on one of my tanks.


If you’re looking for a new filter too, take a look at the APS range, these filters are great value for money, just like their wavemakers:

Find them in our shop HERE.

Or, find them on Amazon – APS filters –

(Please note – these links are Amazon affiliate links, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)


Here is our review on the APS EF range of external filters.


Disclaimer – This is not a paid or sponsored review. All my reviews are my own opinion and are not influenced in any way.


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