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Aquarium heaters – The basics by Mr Brightfryed

aquarium heaters mr brightfryed

Aquarium heaters – The basics

For those of you who have kept aquariums for a while. You will no doubt know enough about heaters.

But for those who are brand new to Tropical fish, you may have a few (or many) questions about them.

A little knowledge behind heaters is always useful, certainly if you’re just starting out.

There are many heaters to choose from, they come in many styles from the standard tube-like shape to external heaters that connect to an external filter.

Ultimately a heater in any style will do the same job, it will heat water. The style of heater is down to your personal preference.

One recommendation I would make is that this is not a piece of equipment to go too cheap on. Big brand heaters like the Eheim thermocontrol are available for as little as £20, so they’re not too expensive. This is a device that will be creating heat via electricity, underwater. So if it goes wrong, it may go horribly wrong.


The most important things to know are:

  • The water temperature that your fish require. This may require a quick check on our knowledge base.
  • The size of your heater should match your aquarium (This will be displayed on the heaters packaging).
  • Always turn heaters off whilst doing water changes!!


For the rest, here is a quick video from Mr Brightfryed on the basics of aquarium heaters:




Mr Brightfryed

For more of Mr Brightfryed, you can find his channel here.


Here are his comments on his video:

In this aquarium heater beginner guide, I wanted to give a simple and easy to understand tutorial on aquarium heaters. Including how they work and ultimately their uses.

I also try to answer some common FAQ’s and give clarity on the myths of if they are “Necessary” in an aquarium and what you REALLY need to know.

This includes tips like if you need them in a home or not!

So here’s my take in my honest and realistic terms on aquarium heaters for beginners!

Hope you enjoy.

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