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Aquarium Photography – by Aquarium Adventures and Jordan Stirrat

aquarium photography

Aquarium Photography

As aquarists, we love to show off both our fish and our aquascaping skills regularly.

With the widespread use of social media, such as Instagram and Facebook this has become easier than ever.

But how do you get the best photographs of your fish?

There are loads of additional challenges when taking pictures of our aquariums, glare from the glass, fish moving too fast, the list goes on.

This article is a quick video tutorial from Aquarium Adventures and Jordan Stirrat on aquarium photography.

The two videos below will guide you through some basic tips for getting the best photos of your aquarium and its inhabitants, something I certainly need to practice!


Aquarium Photography by Aquarium Adventures

Here is a great video tutorial from Aquarium Adventures on aquarium photography. This includes some basic tips on getting the best snaps, enjoy:



For more videos from Aquarium Adventures, Click here, don’t forget to subscribe!!


Aquarium Photography – in more depth

There may be a few other things to consider for those fishkeepers out there who have invested in a DSLR camera.

DSLR cameras offer a little more flexibility in settings than say an iPhone does.

For those who have invested in a DSLR, here are some top tips on how to have your camera set up from Aquascaper Jordan Stirrat on how to get the best aquarium photography shots with your DSLR camera:



Jordan’s Youtube account is great for tips on Aquascaping along with some inspiration from some of his amazing set ups.

To view his full list of videos, Click here, don’t forget to subscribe!



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