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Aquascape Tutorial Step by Step 90cm Planted Aquarium

Aquascape Tutorial Step by Step 90cm Planted Aquarium

Step by step Aquascaping tutorial in our Aquascaper 900.

This scape was set up back in December in a concave (AKA u-shape) composition in the Aquarium Gardens showroom.

This video walks you through the build process from start to finish, showing you what products and plants we have used, and how to layout hardscape and plants to create an attractive design.

Powered by the excellent Twinstar 900S LED light system, industry-standard quality & high performing LED lighting for aquascaping and planted aquariums. We have used Twinstar for a number of years now in our showroom and have proven to be a very reliable and popular form of LED lighting used by many Aquascapers around the world.

For filtration, we regularly use Oase Biomaster Thermo Filters. For this 90cm tank, we have used the 600 models. The built-in heater and removable easy-clean pre-filter are two of the best reasons to choose an Oase Biomaster.

CO2 is injected using the well known CO2 Art Pro-se regulator and diffused in-tank using a Twinstar diffuser (our favourite in-tank diffuser).

We’re also running a Twinstar sterilizer to increase oxygen saturation. Extra oxygen is vital in a high energy aquascape for the filter and substrate system to be healthy, and to ultimately help avoid algae. Especially useful in the beginning where there is little oxygen produced by the plants at this stage.

All products and plants are seen available at Aquarium Gardens, or shop online at

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