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Competition time – Enter to win a set of Eheim products: RRP £80+!

Competition time - Enter to win an Eheim filter, heater and air pump!

Welcome to Seriously Fishy – The aquarium forum and blog for all!

A short welcome to Seriously Fishy - Aquarium forum and blog for all.

API Master test kit – Guide from KaveMan Aquatics

A video guide to using the API Master Test kit by KaveMan Aquatics.

Attaching Moss to Wood – Quick and easy!

A quick guide with a video tutorial on attaching moss to decorative wood or rock in the aquarium.

Crystal clear aquarium water – top 3 tips from KaveMan Aquatics

Top 3 tips from KaveMan Aquatics on how to get crystal clear aquarium water.

Sponge filters – Bonus bio filtration!

Sponge filters Sponge filters are rising in popularity within the aquarium and for good reason. Sponge filters have many benefits, extra biofiltration being one which is always useful in any aquarium setting. A sponge filter provides a vast area on which bacteria can grow, this means that they help to keep your aquarium water extra clean and healthy once they are established. It has been noted in some studies that sponge is actually one of the best materials to use as bio-media, as it provides so much surface area for bacteria to grow on. They also provide some amount of mechanical filtration which helps to keep your water crystal clear. Sponge filter power Sponge filters can be powered by air, this works by using an air pump plugged into the sponge filter. As the air moves up through the ...

Hybrid Fish (Cichlids)

A short guide to hybrid fish (Cichlids).

Feeding Monster Cichlids – with Andy Woods

A video from Mr Andy Wodds on feeding monster cichlids.

How-to: Breeding Goldfish – Marks aquatics ultimate guide

A video guide to breeding Goldfish from Marks aquatics

Nano aquariums and “Jarariums”

A short guide to Nano aquariums and Jarariums.

RJD Fish tanks – Dry start 1-week update

A 1-week update on the dry start carpet from RJD Fish Tanks

White spot/Ich – Fish illness

Fish Illness/Disease: White spot, also know as Ich.

Betta tank setup

Betta tank setup guide with demo video from Regis aquatics.

Eheim pickup – an internal with a difference

A review of the Eheim pickup series of internal filters.

Cherry Shrimp – care guide

Cherry Shrimp care guide - an introduction to Cherry Shrimp in the aquarium.

Ramshorn Snail – Care guide

Ramshorn snail - care guide. A short guide to Ramshorn snails in the aquarium

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