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How-to: Breeding Goldfish – Marks aquatics ultimate guide


How-to: Breeding Goldfish.

Ever wondered how you go about breeding Goldfish?

Here’s a full how-to guide from Marks Aquatics on how to successfully breed Goldfish:



You can find Marks youtube channel here.

Mark runs a very popular channel where he shares his vast knowledge of all things fish, don’t forget to subscribe!


Here’s his description for the video:

Hi guys. On this video I’ll be breeding Goldfish form spawning to free-swimming. This is a great video for stocking a new pond, making some money, or helping out a friend. Here’s the link for breeding brine shrimp.


Here’s his channel bio:




If you’re interested in learning how to breed fish we will keep posting tips and videos, here’s a link to Marks guide to breeding Neon Tetra.






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