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Aquarium Snails – Friend or Foe?

Aquarium Snails Snails are a common sight in aquariums. Many people add them intentionally and some gain these ‘pets’ by accident. Snails can unintentionally enter the aquarium in various ways, the most common being eggs attached to live plants. It’s very common to see aquarists requesting an identification on their new shelled friends, often also enquiring on whether this crustacean is a keeper or a pest.

Betta fish’ natural habitat

Betta fish' natural habitat Betta's, also known as 'fighting fish' are a common talking point amongst aquarists.  There is a lot of debate on what size aquarium is the acceptable 'minimum'.  The most common argument is whether it is 45 litres (10 gal) or 22 litres (5 gal). I have always been of the opinion that you should give a fish as much room as possible and aiming for an acceptable minimum should never be the goal.

Amatitlania Myrnae – The Topaz Cichlid – An endangered Cichlid

Topaz Cichlids are quite rare in the hobby and these are the first group I have seen on offer in a local shop, so needless to say, I snapped them up.  Cryptoheros Myrnae originates in Costa Rica and Panama in the rivers of the Atlantic slope. In the wild, they are listed as endangered and are on the IUCN Red List. This may well be a reason for their rarity in the trade. 

The best beginner Cichlid? – The Convict Cichlid

The Convict Cichlid The Convict Cichlid is often described as the best starter Cichlid in the hobby.  There are loads of reasons why this is the case, they are robust, adaptable, and downright amusing most of the time.  Convicts are small, easy to keep, easy to feed and they are readily available in shops. It's very rare to walk around an aquarium shop without seeing a convict or two.

Keeping African Cichlids – Top 10 tips from KaveMan Aquatics

KaveMan Aquatics top 10 tips for keeping African Cichlids.

Hybrid Fish (Cichlids)

A short guide to hybrid fish (Cichlids).

Betta tank setup

Betta tank setup guide with demo video from Regis aquatics.

Cherry Shrimp – care guide

Cherry Shrimp care guide - an introduction to Cherry Shrimp in the aquarium.

Ramshorn Snail – Care guide

Ramshorn snail - care guide. A short guide to Ramshorn snails in the aquarium