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Dry start method – Carpeting plants – a 6 min video by RJD Fish Tanks


A 6-minute video from RJD Fish Tanks on the dry start method.

Dry start method – by RJD Fish Tanks

The Dry start method is a popular way of planting an aquarium, this short video is from RJD fish tanks and is a quick guide to starting up a carpeted tank using the dry start method, enjoy.

As the title suggests, this is done by planting the seeds/plants before water is added to the tank.  This enables the plant to start developing and growing roots without having to contend with any currents in the water or any fish that may eat them.  This is known as growing plants in an emersed state and as I’ve mentioned, has some advantages.  It means that the plants are able to develop roots and be set firmly in place before water or any tech is added to the aquarium.

Clearly though, plants need water, so the tank needs to be kept moist by use of a spray bottle.  This allows enough water for the plants to grow without them being underwater.  Water can be kept in the aquarium, so that it remains humid, simply by adding some cling film as a cover.  Plants also need light to grow, so the lighting needs to be installed at the start too and lighting time can be extended (up to 10 hours per day).

Many aquarium plants are grown in an emersed state and will likely be in their emersed form when you buy them.  The disadvantage of the dry start method is that when plants are grown emersed, they often wilt away once submerged.  This is only temporary though and they will soon bounce back.

Some plants are true aquatic plants, they will therefore only grow submerged, so always check your plants first as some won’t be suited to the dry start method.





RJD fish tanks

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Here’s his description for his video:

Here we have my ‘Budget Fish Tank’ that we are going to use to make a cheap but effective fish tank using carpet seeds (Bought off of eBay) The biggest thing is to see firstly if these seeds will grow and secondly having the patience to let it grow before we add water into the tank. if you add your water straight away all the seeds will just rise to the top of the tank and it will not be a great carpet if it is just left floating around. I will be doing weekly updates on this so that I can show you the progress as we go along. Please let me know what you think of the video and any other video you would like to see me do. Please subscribe – like and share!!!


And his channel’s ‘about’:

My name is Robert Dickinson and I have created this channel to share my aquascaping tutorials, general fish keeping and tips throughout my journey. These are some of the things that you will find when subscribing to my channel.

I started this channel so that I can show the world my take on looking after fish, maintaining the tanks and the best part when you get a new fish tank, deciding how you would like to set it up according to your own personal expressions. I recently moved from South Africa to the UK. I am always down to connect and answer any question.

I value each and every person’s opinions and thoughts and always willing to assist where I can, so please send me a message or leave a comment and I will do my best to give you the best outcome possible. Thank you so much for Subscribing and doing this journey with me. Robert Dickinson

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