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Feeding Fish Fry – with Mr Brightfryed!

feeding fish fry

A review of the JBL brine shrimp hatchery and quick guide to feeding fish fry.

Feeding fish Fry

Those new to breeding fish often ask, ‘What do I do about feeding fish fry?’.

There are a few options for feeding fish fry, but a common feed is baby brine shrimp. Baby brine shrimp, or artemia as they are also known, are tiny and full of protein, that means they are easily swallowed by your baby fish and help them to grow.

You can buy brine shrimp in most aquarium shops, but why go buying them every time if you can create your own little breeding set up for brine shrimp as well as the fish you’re breeding?


feeding fish fry brine shrimp

Brine shrimp hatchery

It is possible to create your own brine shrimp hatchery, but there are ready-made options available which are ready to use and save a bit of time and effort.

One such item is made by The set comes with everything you need to create your own mini brine shrimp farm. That means that you can keep a permanent supply of food for feeding fish fry. The good news is that any extras will happily be devoured by your adult fish too.


Tried and tested by Mr Brightfryed

The JBL hatchery comes complete and ready to use, it was recently tried out by youtuber and fish breeder, Mr Brightfryed.

Here’s his video test and review of the JBL brine shrimp hatchery:



Here’s the description from the video:

JBL Artemio Set Review | How to Breed Brine Shrimp for Fish Food – MR BRIGHTFRYED

In this video we take a look at the JBL Artemio set from JBL, we go through unboxing the product and contents, setting up the brine shrimp hatchery and give a final review on the product itself.

Item kindly gifted by JBL ( to test.

This is however NOT a paid promotion.

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So, if you’re hoping to in the future, or are currently breeding some fish and have been wondering what to feed the fry. Why not have a go at breeding your own supply of fish food?


For other feeding options, check out our article on breeding neon Tetra with videos from Marks Aquatics HERE

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