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Fluval Bug Bites review

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Fluval Bug Bites are fish food made from highly nutritious and sustainable black soldier fly larvae. We’ve been trying Bug Bites out for a while now. Here is what we thought of them…..

Fluval Bug Bites

Fluval Bug Bites have been around for a while now and have become a very popular food source amongst fish keepers.

Fluval Bug Bites are created from Black Soldier fly larvae and other ingredients, to produce a nutrient-rich, easily digestible food for our fish.

Black Soldier fly larvae contain as much as 50% protein along with a host of amino acids and around 35% lipids (fats). Everything a growing fish needs!

It makes a lot of sense to create fish food from bugs as, in the wild, bugs would make up a good proportion of most fish’ diet.

Bugs are a food source for many wild animals and fish are no exception, so I have recently been testing them out by feeding my fish on various Fluval Bug Bites recipes, mainly their Cichlid and Pleco varieties.

Fluval Bug Bites production

Bug Bites are made by Fluval in Canada where they breed and grow Black Soldier fly larvae as the main ingredient for their foods.

Black Soldier flies are high in protein and are an ideal food for fish. As they are easily cultured and high in nutrition, they have also been harvested for the feeding of many other livestock too.

Ingredients such as Salmon are added to improve fish’ colour and fibre is added to make Bug Bites easily digestible along with a host of additional ingredients.

The production of Fluval Bug Bites is said to be very sustainable which is a huge bonus.

This means that Fluval Bug Bites are not only a great source of nutrition, but Fluval are not harming the planet to create them.

They even recycle cast of foodstuff to raise the Black Soldier Fly Larvae which means less waste going into landfill.

Sounds good to me!

Here is a quick intro to Bug Bites from Fluval themselves:


Fluval Bug Bites Ingredients

Fluval have tailored their Bug Bites range to various species of tropical and cold-water fish.

This is because different fish require different amounts of protein, fat, vegetable matter, and many other ingredients in their diet.

This means that most ornamental fish are catered for by the Bug Bites range. Great news!

Bug Bites also come in various forms making them even more adaptable. Flakes, granules and sticks are all available so the size of the food can also be tailored to your fish. Even better!

The list of ingredients is relatively similar for each variety of Bug Bites, but each ingredient is varied in amount to tailor the recipe to various types of fish.

Fluval Bug Bites are all created with some variation of the following ingredients:

Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL)

  • Natural – most freshwater fish are
    omnivores & regularly feed on insects
  • Easy digestible
  • Sustainable, high-quality protein
  • Similar nutrient profile to fish
  • Sourced in Canada
  • Low waste output by fish
  • Complimentary protein source to BSFL
  • MSC-certified sustainable
  • Rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
Concentrated Fish Protein
  • Liquid extract offering a more complete
    amino acid profile beneficial to fish
  • Contributes to healthy fatty acids
  • Highly digestible & concentrated form
    of fish protein
  • Natural carbohydrate source
  • Highly appetizing to fish
  • Sourced in Canada
  • Provides added fibre and protein
  • Natural binder and carbohydrate source
  • Sourced in Canada
  • High in fibre
  • Provides better nutrition than wheat flour
    and wheat gluten

No fillers or artificial ingredients, colours or preservatives are used in the creation of Fluval Bug Bites.

Here is a quick video from Fluval on how Bug Bites are made:


Fluval Bug Bites – Fishy review

I have been feeding my fish on Fluval Bug Bites for a month or two now, mixed with a variety of other foods, and I have to say: They love them!

I keep an array of Central American Cichlids who are all pretty excitable when it comes to feeding time. However, I have rarely witnessed as much splashing from my tank as when feeding them on Bug Bites.

As soon as the pellets enter the tank, there is a mad scramble to pick them off the surface before they sink. It is very rare that any make it to the bottom of the tank.

For me, that is enough indication that my fish love them.

Feeding Bug Bites to Fry

I have also been feeding crunched up Bug Bites to my Amatitlania Myrnae fry, they love them too.

In the few weeks that I have been feeding them on Bug Bites most of the fry have at least doubled in size. I would put that down to the high protein content from the Black Soldier fly larvae.

Fluval Bug Bites Review- Additional observations

Whilst feeding Bug Bites I have noticed that my Nitrates are rising just a little slower than they ordinarily would. The only reason I can see for this is that my fish are producing less waste.

With only high-quality ingredients and a formula tailored to the type of fish I keep, more of the food contains nutrition that is absorbed by the fish, rather than being expelled as waste.

Now, admittedly I don’t have a real way of testing this theory, but I have noticed a visible difference in the amount of waste in the aquarium and a lower reading on my nitrate tests, so to me, that makes sense.


That being said, there is quite a bit of food break up in the water at feeding time. This causes the water to become clouded with food and undoubtedly means that all these food particles are ending up in my filtration.

I expect that if the food did not break up so much then I would see a massive drop in nitrates. Having tested this with other foods, with my current filter set up, I have found that food that does not break up in the water can have as big an effect as reducing 75% of nitrate build-up.

So this could be a big factor in whether Fluval bug bites make up the bulk of your fish’ diet, or are used as a treat/supplement. For me, they are a treat.

Fluval Bug Bites

In my opinion, Fluval Bug Bites are a great source of food for whatever fish you keep.

With high-quality, nutritious ingredients that are tailored to various species, plus a sustainable and environmentally friendly production process, Bug Bites are now at the top of my favourite fish foods to feed my fish on.

They are high quality, my fish love them and I am seeing some excellent growth in my fish fry along with less waste in my tanks than I have with previous foods.

I highly recommend them and you will find them as a recommended product in our shop.

If you would like to take a look through the full range of Bug Bites, Click here.

Disclaimer – This is not a paid review and has not been influenced in any way. This review, like all of my reviews, is my own opinion.

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Frequently asked questions:

What are bugbites made from?

Fluval bugbites are created from sustainably sourced Black Soldier Fly larvae along with several other high-quality ingredients.

Are Fluval bugbites a complete diet for my fish?

Bugbites make a great staple for the diet of your fish. Whilst we always recommend a varied diet, bugbites provide everything that your fish require to grow and live healthy lives.


References: – The nutritive value of black soldier fly larvae reared on common organic waste streams in Kenya


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