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Free fish food! – Feeding fish for free from nature – (2 videos)

free fish food

Free fish food from nature – 2 videos from Marks aquatics and Mr Andy Woods on how you can cut feeding costs for your aquatic friends

Feeding your fish for Free – how to find free fish food!

I’ve often thought about feeding my fish a more natural diet. I think it would be fairly uncommon in the wild for a fish to come across a bag of Hikari or Northfin pellets.

Whilst it is possible to feed a more natural diet with feeds from pet shops, there are many ideal fish foods that can be found here in the UK, for free.

Feeding fish isn’t the most expensive thing in the world, but it is still possible to cut costs, even make it free if you’re committed, and get some more enjoyment out of obtaining it than you might get from a trip to your local aquatics shop.

I recently wrote a short article about how fishkeeping affects your mental health, part of the reason for fishkeeping being good for you was because our bodies respond well to nature.

Below is a video from Marks aquatics on how you can get yourself outside and enjoy a nice walk, all while collecting some tasty treats for your fishy friends.



You can find Marks Aquatics youtube channel HERE. Don’t forget to hit subscribe!



More free fish food! – Cultivate it yourself

So, one way of feeding fish for free has been covered by Marks aquatics. But there are other options. An alternative to going out and hunting for fish food is to cultivate it yourself.

Most fish will happily eat insects, these can be bred at home if you were so inclined.

Another option is worms. Fish eat worms all the time in the wild and worms are extremely easy to keep and breed. Another advantage is that keeping worms in the back garden doubles up as a composter and can rid you of some of your household waste.

Below is a quick video from Mr Andy Woods on his ‘Worm farm’ and how he keeps it.



You can find Andy Woods youtube channel HERE. Don’t forget to subscribe!!





Free fish food!

So there you have it, it is quite possible to feed your fish for free, certainly to cut costs, and still feed a highly nutritious diet.

BUT…….before attempting this it is always worth doing your research and ensure that whichever food you intend to feed your fish is going to be good for them. It is also worth being aware that food from any natural sources has the potential to contain parasites.


Got your own tips and tricks on feeding your fish for free? Let us know in the comments below!


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