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emergency fish in cycling fish in cycle

Emergency fish in cycling – The safest way

Many aquarist find themselves doing a Fish in cycle at some point. In many cases this is caused by poor advice from aquarium shops, I’ll name no names ‘Cough pets at home, cough cough’.
So, it’s handy to know the safest way to do it so that your fishies can keep enjoying life. Here is our guide to the Fish in cycle….

hygger aquarium air pump 3

Hygger Aquarium Air Pump – A powerful little beast!

We love nothing more than trying out a new piece of aquarium equipment. We have recently been trying out the Hygger Aquarium Air pump to see how it performed, here is what we thought of it…….

hygger aquarium cleaning kit review

Hygger Aquarium Cleaning kit (6 in 1) – Review

A good aquarium cleaning kit is essential for most aquarists. We recently tried out the Hygger aquarium cleaning kit on our aquariums…..

Here’s what we thought of it:

absolute arowana

Absolute by Cloverleaf – Reviewed by ‘BigFishLad’

We recently reviewed the Absolute by Cloverleaf range, we loved it! But two opinions are better than one so here is BigFishLad’s review of Absoute by Cloverleaf.

So, what did BigFishLad think of Absolute?

aquarium filter bacteria

Aquarium filter bacteria – How long can it survive?

Aquarium filter bacteria can be a constant worry for us aquarists, we panic if the power goes out and wonder how we will keep our filters ‘alive’.

But is that panic necessary? Here we’re going to take a look at how long our filter bacteria can survive without an ammonia source.

columnaris in fish

Columnaris in fish – Fish illness and disease

Columnaris is a common illness in aquarium fish, often referred to as ‘cotton wool disease’, amongst other names, columnaris in fish causes various symptoms and can be very deadly to your aquarium pets. Here we take a look at columnaris, its symptoms and some recommended treatments to help eradicate it.

aquariums and mental health

Aquariums and mental health – Incredible benefits!

Aquariums and mental health – Can fishkeeping be good for you? In this article, we will take a look at the health benefits of owning an aquarium. If you are the proud owner of multiple aquariums and arent sure how you ended up there, maybe this is one of the things that drove your addiction?

aquael pat mini review 3

Aquael Pat Mini Review – an adaptable mini filter

I recently had the need to find a suitable filter for my Myrnae’ grow out tank. I needed a filter that was small in size, powerful enough to do the job, yet not so powerful that the fry couldn’t cope. I decided on the Aquael Pat Mini, here is what we thought….

fishes of madagascar malagasy 2

Fishes of Madagascar – Malagasy Fish

The Fishes of Madagascar are rarely seen in the UK, and for good reason. They are in severe decline in the Wild and I feel it is important that as aquarists, we play our part in the conservation of these rare species. Here is a quick introduction to Malagasy fish in the hope of raising awareness of their struggle.

absolute arowana

Absolute Arowana – Sustainable fish food for all Fish?

We recently tested some of the Absolute fish food range from Cloverleaf. After looking at some of their other products we asked them about their Absolute Arowana formula, it seemed to be made from excellent ingredients that are suitable for many species, not just Arowana. Here is what we thought of this more sustainable fish food.

ammonia in tap water

Ammonia in tap water – Easy fix?

Ammonia in tap water often causes some confusion for us aquarists. It can make your water tests hard to read and can cause your fish additional stress if your tank isn’t cycled yet. If you have found that you have ammonia in your tap water then we have some solutions for you…….

the fish police 3

The Fish Police – the downside to social media aquarium groups

The Fish Police are widely known within social media aquarium groups, they can be irritating, frustrating and in some cases, dangerous to the health of your fish. Here are our thoughts on the ‘Fish Police’ and our top places to avoid them.

Cloverleaf 150g Absolute 54 High Protein Sinking Carnivorous Mini Beast Pellets Food 0

Absolute fish food review – Absolute by Cloverleaf

Absolute fish foods have recently expanded their range to include a variety of aquarium foods tailored to various tropical species. We’ve been trying a selection of this range over the last few weeks, here is what we think of it….

worming aquarium fish absolute wormer

Worming Aquarium Fish – by Aquarium Adventures (10 min video)

When and how often do you treat your aquarium fish for worms? Worming aquarium fish is always cause for debate, in this video, we will hear thoughts from Graeme at Aquarium Adventures on how often he treats his fish and how he treats them.

keeping aquariums cool

Keeping Aquariums cool in summer – What to do in a heat wave

Keeping Aquariums cool is a topic that arises during most heatwaves. As the temperature climbs, so does the temperature of our tank. So how hot is too hot? And how can we cool our fishy friends down if we need to?

Northfin jumbo fish food

The best Fish food – A guide to choosing quality fish food

What is the best fish food? Fish food ingredients are rarely discussed, but you cannot make a great food from poor ingredients.
In this article we will talk through what makes a great fish food and give some recommendations of our own for what we think are currently the best tropical fish foods on the market.

fantail goldfish fancy goldfish

Fancy Goldfish Care

Fancy or Fantail Goldfish are an extremely popular aquarium pet, but there is still a lot of debate on their care, in particular, temperature requirements. In this article we will look through the ideal temperatures for Goldfish to be kept at along with some other top care tips.

aquarium snail bladder snail

Aquarium Snails – Friend or Foe?

Aquarium snails are often thought of as ‘Pest invaders’. In this article we will look through why this is and uncover some of the huge benefits to having a population of snails in your aquarium.

All Pond Solutions external filter 1

All Pond Solutions External filter (EF range) review

Today we’re going to take a look at the All Pond Solutions EF range of filters. These external filters are low priced in comparison to many other brands, so are they good value for money?

aquarium water purifier carbon cube

Aquarium water purifier – Gimmick or miracle?

There are a lot of these so-called ‘Aquarium water purifier cubes’ on the market these days, but what are they and what do they do? Do they do what they say they can?

betta fish' natural habitat

Betta fish’ natural habitat

Betta fish are extremely popular in the aquarium hobby with many aquarists still arguing over tank size and care. In this article were going to take a quick look at where the Betta comes from so that we can better understand its required care.

seachem matrix aquarium water change best bio media

Seachem Matrix tested and reviewed – Best bio media?

Seachem Matrix is a Bio-media for aquarium filters and sumps. It claims to be able to reduce nitrate, this would be a huge advantage to us as aquarists as nitrates are our mortal enemy. But can it really reduce them?

aquarium photography

Aquarium Photography – by Aquarium Adventures and Jordan Stirrat

Aquarium Photography – As aquarists, we love to show off our fish and our aquascaping skills. With the widespread use of social media, such as Instagram and Facebook this has become easier than ever. But how do you get the best shot of your fish?

Aquarium filters choosing an aquarium filter

Choosing an Aquarium Filter – Quick guide

Here is my quick guide to choosing the right Aquarium filter for you and your Aquarium. In this article, we will discuss the statistics commonly associated with Aquarium filters and what they mean.

bug bites colour enhancing

Fluval Bug Bites review

Fluval Bug Bites are fish food made from highly nutritious and sustainable black soldier fly larvae. We’ve been trying Bug Bites out for a while now. Here is what we thought of them…..

orange and white fish in water aquarium nitrate

Aquarium Nitrate

Aquarium Nitrate: Nitrates are, for most aquariums, the last stage of the Nitrogen cycle. A healthy aquarium usually builds nitrates up quite quickly and is one of the reasons that we conduct regular maintenance and water changes. So aquarium nitrates are certainly worth talking about.

aquarium cycling guide cycle

Aquarium Cycling – An easy and complete guide

Aquarium cycling involves using the Nitrogen cycle to our advantage. The Nitrogen cycle provides us with a waste management system to keep our fishy friends safe and healthy. Understanding the Nitrogen cycle is really important in fish keeping as it can help us to detect issues easily and effectively. Here is my easy to follow guide to a cycled aquarium.

vinegar eels 1

How to culture Vinegar Eels – Fry food!

Feeding fish fry need not be difficult. Vinegar eels are easy to culture and a single supply can last forever. This article will cover how to set up a simple vinegar eel farm and how to harvest them to feed to your fishy babies.

What Rock can I put in my Aquarium? - Aquarium Rock

What Rock can I put in my Aquarium? – Aquarium Rock quick guide

Aquarium rock – It is common to see debates over what rocks can be placed safely into an aquarium. There are tales of dissolving rocks, poisonous rocks and even explosive rocks, so which are actually safe? Our answers may surprise you.

cryptoheros myrnae topaz cichlid 1

Amatitlania Myrnae – The Topaz Cichlid – An endangered Cichlid

Amatitlania Myrae, Topaz Cichlids or Crytoheros Myrnae are fairly rare in the hobby. They are endangered in the wild and often overlooked in aquarium shops. Myrnae are fascinating and beautiful little fish that deserves to be far more popular. Here is an introduction to our breeding group of Amatitlania Myrnae.


Epistylis – Fish illness

Epistylis is a common illness for ornamental fish. It is often confused with White spot/Ich as the two appear similar to the naked eye. Epistylis gives Ich a bad name as it is more fatal, so it is important to be able to tell the difference between the two.

salt in the aquarium salt in freshwater

Salt in the Aquarium – is it necessary?

Salt in the Aquarium

I have seen a lot of cases recently of advice being given to add Salt to Freshwater Aquariums. This has been given for various reasons, including as a remedy for illness.

But it seems that some fishkeepers are adding Salt to healthy freshwater Aquariums.


Aquarium Salt is often found for sale in Aquarium stores, and it is ultimately no different to the Salt you use on your dinner.

But Freshwater fish are not accustomed to Salt, in fact, in Freshwater rivers, there is very little to no Salt content at all. This means that many freshwater fish do not tolerate Salt in the Aquarium.

convict cichlid best beginner cichlid

The best beginner Cichlid? – The Convict Cichlid

Convict Cichlids are very numerous within the aquarium hobby. They are boisterous, inquisitive and full of personality. Their small size in comparison to other CA Cichlids makes them very popular. But are they the best Cichlid for beginners?

Aquarium water change

Aquarium water changes – How much? How often?

In this article we are going to talk through Aquarium water changes. How much needs to be changed, how often does it need to be changed and what happens if you don’t do water changes will all be covered.

the best aquarium water conditioner quantum freshwater UK aquarium water changes

The best Aquarium Water conditioner? – Quantum Freshwater UK

Water conditioners are essential for most aquariums. Tap water contains chlorine, which isn’t good for our fishy friends. Most water conditioners will remove chlorine and some will do much more than that. We’ve taken a look at Quantum Freshwater’s Water Primer, here’s what we thought…

aquarium heaters mr brightfryed

Aquarium heaters – The basics by Mr Brightfryed

Aquarium heaters – The basics

For those of you who have kept aquariums for a while. You will no doubt know enough about heaters.

But for those who are brand new to Tropical fish, you may have a few (or many) questions about them. 

A little knowledge behind heaters is always useful, certainly if you’re just starting out.

DIY python aquarium hose

DIY Python aquarium hose – Easy water changes without forking out!

The Python aquarium hose is great, but it is pricey. Here are a couple of ways that you can create your own DIY python water changing system to save some cash. Not only will this hurt your pocket less but it will save you all those back and forth trips with a bucket too!

fish room the cheap way andy woods

Running a Fish room the cheaper way – by Andy Woods

Running a Fish room

Running a Fish room is a dream for most aquarists. With this being such an addictive hobby, it can easily go from getting your first tank to having multiple tank syndrome very quickly.

The issue is that this hobby isn’t the cheapest. With external filters costing 100’s of pounds alone, there are running costs to consider too.

JBL cristal profi JBL e1902 review choosing an aquarium filter

JBL Cristal Profi e1902 filter Review – New top contender?

We recently purchased the JBL Cristalprofi e1902. Filtration is a very important part of your aquarium set up so it needs to be up to the task. Here is how the e1902 held up on our 580-litre Central American tank…

APS WM 6000 wavemaker

All Pond Solutions WM-6000 – Wavemaker review

Wavemakers are a great way to increase circulation in your Aquarium, this comes with a host of benefits. In this article we will discuss these benefits and then see if the budget friendly APS-WM6000 is up to the task as good value for money as it first appears.

aquarium filter setup - filter foam

Aquarium filter setup – for efficient filtration

Aquarium filter setup

Filter setup can seem relatively straight forward, with many filters arriving with pre-installed media. You may also think that as long as each type of media is somewhere in the filter, it will do its job. You would be right. But there are ways to make it far more effective.

Northfin Jumbo quality fish food

Northfin Jumbo – Quality fish food for larger fish!

Northfin Fish food

As a keeper of Cichlids, I have been familiar with Northfin foods for a while.

As a Fishkeeping enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for high-quality foods that contain what is best for my fish.

Northfin delivers this. They produce high-quality fish foods that are easily digested and provide all the nutrition that your fish need. On top of this, they are packed with natural colour enhancing ingredients to keep your fish looking at their best. 

aquarium air pumps sponge filter surface agitation

Aquarium air pumps – do you need one?

Aquarium air pumps – There is a common misconception that this air is adding oxygen to the water, it is, but not as it’s flowing upwards. 

Gas exchange takes place at the surface of the water, so as the bubbles hit the surface and pop, it creates surface agitation. This adds oxygen to the water, and that is great for your fish. 

Oxygen in the aquarium is vital, despite living underwater, fish need oxygen.

nicrew led review 1

Nicrew LED review – Budget aquarium lighting

Nicrew LED lights – If you are looking for a new LED light for your aquarium, you have no doubt come across options from Nicrew. Nicrew have a range of LED’s available for aquariums of all sizes that are budget-friendly.

seachem stability seachem prime ammonia spike kaveman aquatics

Dealing with an Ammonia spike – Kaveman Aquatics

Ammonia Spike – There are many reasons why an ammonia spike can occur in your aquarium. One of the most common is that the tank is new and has not been cycled (If you have a newly setup aquarium and arent sure about cycling, give our short book a try, FREE on kindle). 

Whatever the reason for the ammonia spike, it needs to be dealt with quickly. Ammonia is highly toxic, so it won’t be long until you find you have very ill or dead fish.

maintaining aquarium plants

Maintaining aquarium plants – easy guide from Tropica

A video guide on maintaining aquarium plants from the experts at Tropica

free fish food

Free fish food! – Feeding fish for free from nature – (2 videos)

Free fish food from nature – 2 videos from Marks aquatics and Mr Andy Woods on how you can cut feeding costs for your aquatic friends

tannins in the aquarium 1

Tannins in the aquarium- The advantages of blackwater

The advantages of Tannins in the aquarium – the blackwater effect.

feeding fish fry

Feeding Fish Fry – with Mr Brightfryed!

A review of the JBL brine shrimp hatchery and quick guide to feeding fish fry.

pH shock

Treating pH shock in Fish

A guide to identifying and treating pH shock in fish.

african chiclids kaveman aquatics

Keeping African Cichlids – Top 10 tips from KaveMan Aquatics

KaveMan Aquatics top 10 tips for keeping African Cichlids.

seachem purigen

Seachem Purigen Review

a review of Seachem Purigen – possibly the best filter media.

API Master test kit pH shock aquarium nitrate

API Master test kit – Guide from KaveMan Aquatics

A video guide to using the API Master Test kit by KaveMan Aquatics.

attach moss

Attaching Moss to Wood – Quick and easy!

A quick guide with a video tutorial on attaching moss to decorative wood or rock in the aquarium.

crystal clear aquarium water

Crystal clear aquarium water – top 3 tips from KaveMan Aquatics

Top 3 tips from KaveMan Aquatics on how to get crystal clear aquarium water.

Sponge filter

Sponge filters – Bonus bio filtration!

Sponge filters – Bonus Bio filtration!

DIY inline aquarium heater

How to make a powerful DIY inline aquarium Heater

How to make a DIY inline aquarium heater

breed Kribensis

How to breed Kribensis – by Marks Aquatics (16 min video)

A video guide on how to breed Kribensis cichlids.

hybrid fish

Hybrid Fish (Cichlids)

A short guide to hybrid fish (Cichlids).

Feeding Monster Cichlids

Feeding Monster Cichlids – with Andy Woods

A video from Mr Andy Wodds on feeding monster cichlids.

aquarium maintenance

Aquarium maintenance – a quick guide to aquarium cleaning

A guide to regular aquarium maintenance.

competition time

!!CLOSED!! – Competition time – Enter to win a set of Eheim products: RRP £80+!

Competition time – Enter to win an Eheim filter, heater and air pump!


How-to: Breeding Goldfish – Marks aquatics ultimate guide

A video guide to breeding Goldfish from Marks aquatics


Dropsy in fish – Fish Illness

A guide to Dropsy in fish.

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Nano aquariums and “Jarariums”

A short guide to Nano aquariums and Jarariums.


RJD Fish tanks – Dry start 1-week update

A 1-week update on the dry start carpet from RJD Fish Tanks

zqvldazkfaw scaled

White spot/Ich – Fish illness

Fish Illness/Disease: White spot, also know as Ich.

ni3buw1xqik 1 scaled

Betta tank setup

Betta tank setup guide with demo video from Regis aquatics.

IMG 20200922 WA0006

Eheim pickup – an internal with a difference

A review of the Eheim pickup series of internal filters.


Breeding Neon Tetra – 4 videos from Mark’s Aquatics

A video guide to breeding Neon Tetra


Dry start method – Carpeting plants – a 6 min video by RJD Fish Tanks

A 6-minute video from RJD Fish Tanks on the dry start method.

mznvlnbz vy scaled

Aquarium vinyl backing fitting – how-to by RJD Fish Tanks

Aquarium vinyl backing fitting – how-to by RJD Fish Tanks

Tropical aquarium plants

Cherry Shrimp – care guide

Cherry Shrimp care guide – an introduction to Cherry Shrimp in the aquarium.


Ramshorn Snail – Care guide

Ramshorn snail – care guide. A short guide to Ramshorn snails in the aquarium

bqyslltmbhk scaled

5 popular Freshwater Sharks

A short guide to Freshwater sharks.


A quick guide to Pleco’s

A quick guide to Pleco’s

EheimThermocontrol aquarium Heaters

Eheim Thermocontrol heater review

A review of the Eheim Thermocontrol heater range for fresh and saltwater aquariums.

comet goldfish

Top 5 Goldfish Myths

Top 5 Goldfish myths – debunked

urazrrvkqqm scaled

The Importance of Aquarium Size

The importance of aquarium size – by seriously fishy

Angelfish guides

Breeding Angelfish

A short guide to breeding Angelfish

IMG 20200831 161000 616

Live Plants in The Aquarium (The Basics)

Beginners guide to adding live plants to your aquarium


Top 3 external aquarium filters

Top 3 external filters for your home aquarium

plwpln uaik scaled

The 5 Secrets to Crystal Clear Aquarium Water

The secret to crystal clear aquarium water


Betta Thermal Compact Heater – Review

A review on Betta Thermal Compact heater (200 W)

zwldcmvycya scaled

Best Algae Eaters

A short guide to the best algae eaters for your tropical aquarium

h7wdxplryyw scaled

Aquarium Algae Infestations

A guide on defeating aquarium algae

image1 scaled

A guide to buying a used Aquarium

A guide to buying a used aquarium.

cichlid guides

Breeding Aggressive Fish

Hints and tips for breeding aggressive fish

image0 scaled

Seriously Fishy is open!!

Seriously Fishy s open

Angelfish guides

Setting up your first Aquarium

Seriously Fishy’s guide to shopping for your first tropical aquarium.

image5 scaled

How Can I Speed up Aquarium Cycling?

A quick guide to speeding up aquarium cycling


The Community Tank

A few thoughts to consider before starting a community aquarium


Filtration and Filter Placement

Aquarium filtration and filter media

Build a Nano Aquascape Starting Guide for Beginners

Build a Nano Aquascape – Starting Guide for Beginners

Green Aqua guide you step-by-step in how to build a nice nano aquascape. Aquarium setup from hardscape selection, through substrates and plant selection to the actual planting.

Aquascape Tutorial Step by Step 90cm Planted Aquarium

Aquascape Tutorial Step by Step 90cm Planted Aquarium

This video walks you through the build process from start to finish, showing you what products and plants we have used, and how to layout hardscape and plants to create an attractive design.

How To Grow Aquatic Plants in Aquarium

How To Grow Aquatic Plants in Aquarium | Amazing DIY Aquascape

Refer to aquarium materials: 1. Aquarium Tank: – Aquarium 4.6 Gallon:  Aquarium 5.4 Gallon:  Aquarium Cube 7.1 Gallon:  Aquarium 9.6 Gallon:  Aquarium 17.1 Gallon:  Aquatic substrate: – Aqua Soil Normal Type:  Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum:  Aquarium Filter: – Fish Tank Filter:  Filter overflow:  Matrix, High […]

Water Chemistry

The Importance of Water Chemistry – Aquarium water testing

Water Testing – Checking Water Chemistry

Water chemistry is a key factor in keeping a healthy aquarium. I’ve seen many new starters looking for help online with aquarium issues over the years, only for them to then state that they don’t own a water testing set.  If you’re new to aquariums then I can tell you that a testing kit is essential, never more so than at the start.

Even as an experienced aquarist with very mature aquariums, I still like to have a test kit handy for the occasional check.  If for any reason you are unable to acquire a testing kit, any good aquarium shops will be happy to test your water for you, sometimes for a small fee, but if you’re lucky for free.


Herichthys Cichlids

Herichthys Cichlids (Texas and Carpintis) identification and comparison with video from Mr Andy Woods.

46v8clmnjy8 scaled

Aquarium Shops – UK

A short rant about some recent blunders of chain aquarium shops

seriously fishy uk aquarium forum

Welcome to Seriously Fishy – The aquarium forum and blog for all!

Welcome to Seriously Fishy – Aquarium forum and blog for aquarists of all levels. If you’re in to fish keeping, then we’ve got something for you…

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