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How to breed Kribensis – by Marks Aquatics (16 min video)

breed Kribensis

A video guide on how to breed Kribensis cichlids.

How to breed Kribensis

Here’s a video from Marks Aquatics on how to breed Kribensis cichlids. Kribensis are egg layers and will readily spawn in the aquarium.

Kribensis are a good choice for your first go at breeding an egg-laying fish as they do not require a huge amount of space and are relatively peaceful in comparison to other egg-laying cichlids.

Here’s the video from Marks Aquatics, enjoy:



How to breed Kribensis:

This video is from Marks Aquatics, Mark runs a very popular youtube channel covering lots of aquatics topics.

Here is a link to his channel: Click here!



Good luck if you are hoping to breed your Kribensis, we hope this video helps!


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