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Hygger Aquarium Air Pump – A powerful little beast!

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We love nothing more than trying out a new piece of aquarium equipment. We have recently been trying out the Hygger Aquarium Air pump to see how it performed, here is what we thought of it…….

Hygger Aquarium Air Pump Review

A little while ago we were sent some aquarium equipment to try out from Hygger. We loved their aquarium cleaning kit and you can find our review on it HERE.

The cleaning kit was of great quality, had clearly been thought through and included everything an aquarist needs to keep their tank clean.

They also sent us one of their Aquarium Air Pumps to try out, the air pump they sent us was their ‘super silent’, ‘energy saving’ model which is currently available on Amazon.

It can be difficult to find a good aquarium air pump as many are not quite up to the task. One that I tried recently sounded as though it was going to take off, or blow up, who knows. Needless to say, it was ejected from my living room!

So, we had high hopes for this new, mini, modern-looking model from Hygger.

As always, we’re more than happy to give our opinion on aquarium equipment that we have tried and tested, so here are our thoughts on Hygger’s Aquarium Air Pump.


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Hygger Aquarium Air Pump

Air pumps are a commonly used piece of equipment when running a fish tank. They provide oxygenation, they can power your filtration and they can add to the overall aesthetics of your fishes’ home.

Aquarium Air Pumps come in all shapes and sizes and have various levels of power so it can be difficult to find the right one for the job sometimes. Ultimately though, they all push air into your tank and as far as I’m concerned, all sizes fit all aquariums (for oxygenation purposes at least).

So, how does the Hygger Air Pump measure up?

Power rating

The Hygger Aquarium Air Pump is small and disk-like in shape, it is rated at 450ml/min which equates to around 27l/h.

Noise rating

Many issues with aquarium air pumps are caused by the noise they create, air pumps can be extremely loud, causing a constant murmur or even a racket.

The Hyyger Aquarium Air Pump is advertised as ‘super silent’ at less than 33db. So hopefully noise isn’t an issue with this one.

Power consumption

It is rated at 1.5W, so it has a pretty low electricity use making it fairly efficient. Great if you use it to drive your filtration too as this helps to keep your tanks carbon footprint extra low and your cash safe in the bank. Nice!

Aquarium size rating

The Hygger Aquarium Air Pump is rated for tanks up to 55l. Air pump ratings are taken from the amount of air they produce. But personally, I’ve never used air pump tank size ratings as much of a guide, you can use any size air pump on any size aquarium.

I would only take more notice of these ratings if you are using the air pump to power all of your filtration, the flow of air will directly affect how quickly water circulates through the filter.


Unboxing the Hygger Air Pump

The air pump from Hygger arrived well packaged and is supplied with everything you need to operate it.

It comes with a UK 3 pin plug, a length of air line, an air stone, 2 mounting options and the pump itself.

The only thing I would recommend adding is a valve to prevent any flow of water if the pump is switched off for any reason – very useful if you don’t want the contents of your tank to end up on your floor.

The Air pump itself is tiny. It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and for me this is great. It’s really inconspicuous and this opens up many options on where to place it.

It feels solid and well made and certainly looks the part. As air pumps go, it’s actually pretty good looking.


hygger aquarium air pump


How does it perform?

I set the Hygger Aquarium Air Pump up on CA Cichlid tank, solely because it is my only tank that doesn’t have an air pump fitted.

This tank is just shy of 600l, so it’s slightly larger than the 55l rating that Hygger have given this pump.


Setup and operation

Setting it up was easy, it’s plug and play and everything you need is in the box, including instructions.

The small size of the pump and the options of mounting it mean it can go anywhere and remain inconspicuous.

It comes with a plastic mount that would allow you to hang it on the rim of the glass and a ‘rubber sucker’ (verified technical term) which means you can simply stick it to the side or rear of the aquarium.

There is a third option too, you could simply hide it away in the aquarium stand, within the lid (providing there is protection from the water), or wherever else you would like.

So it’s pretty flexible in terms of positioning. I opted to stick it to the side of my tank with the rubber sucker mount.


The first thing I noticed once I plugged it in was the power of it. At 27l/h I didn’t expect much, but the stream of bubbles produced is impressive. It is easily enough power to drive a sponge filter and plenty, in my opinion, for tanks much larger than 55l.

The spherical air stone provided with it works really well and creates a balanced stream of bubbles floating to the surface.

A rating of 27l per hour seems a bit low for how it looks right? I’m wondering if that measurement is accurate?




Now, I’m not sure what qualifies something as ‘super silent’ nor do I have a machine to measure decibels. But what I can say is that this pump is quiet.

It does have a very slight humming noise, but I could only really hear it when I put my head next to it, it certainly won’t mean you can hear the TV (unless you keep your ear on the pump).

The bubbles produced popping on the surface of the tank create more noise than the pump does. So the noise of the pump itself is completely un-noticeable.

So, I guess you could qualify it as ‘Super silent’. But………I’ll let you be the judge of that………video below showing the full volume of the pump at work:



Overall – Hygger Aquarium Pump

Overall I really like this little air pump. It is small, stylish, quiet and produces a good amount of air power for the aquarium.

I’ll be leaving it running on my 600l as it produces plenty of air whilst using a low amount of electricity and not creating a racket.

It’s small size and mounting options mean it is not in the way and can be placed just about anywhere around the aquarium whilst not becoming an eyesore.

As far as value for money goes, it’s great!! It is currently (as I write this) on Amazon for only £17.99 for the white model, which makes it an absolute bargain. (Normally around £20).

So, if you’re on the market for a new air pump for your aquarium then look no further than the Hygger Aquarium Pump. This nifty little pump will be available in our SHOP and is available on Amazon which I will add a link to below:

(As an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission on qualifying sales. This does not affect the price you pay).




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