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Hygger Aquarium Cleaning kit (6 in 1) – Review

hygger aquarium cleaning kit review

A good aquarium cleaning kit is essential for most aquarists. We recently tried out the Hygger aquarium cleaning kit on our aquariums…..

Here’s what we thought of it:

Hygger Aquarium cleaning kit

An Aquarium cleaning kit is usually found in the stand of most aquariums alongside fish food, medication and a few other commonly used bits for your fish tank.

I’ve used loads of different types and brands over the years and each come with their own pro’s and con’s.

I’ve recently resorted to using a filter sponge by hand to wipe my glass down. This was because the tool I was using to clean my glass picked up bits of my fine gravel and scratched the glass, devastating!

Needless to say, I wasn’t going to use that again, so the filter sponge has been serving me well for quite some time.

Whilst it does leave my glass scratch-free, it was a bit of a pain trying to reach the bottom of the tank and the corners.

So, for a while now, I’ve been on the hunt for a decent cleaning kit that won’t scratch my glass and will make life a little easier when it comes to cleaning my aquariums.


Enter Hygger……

Hygger have been around for a while now and it’s likely that you have seen some of their kit as you scroll through aquarium items on Amazon.

Hygger produce a range of budget-friendly aquarium products but have recently started to branch out a little, producing some interesting goods including titanium aquarium heaters, lighting and full aquarium set-ups.

Around mid November last year they asked if I would be interested in trying out a couple of their products, these were their Aquarium cleaning kit and their mini aquarium air pump (review to come on the air pump soon).

I happily agreed that I would on the basis that I would produce an open and honest review, so here is what I thought of their 6 on 1 cleaning kit….


hygger aquarium cleaning kit 2


Hygger aquarium cleaning kit – 6 in 1

The Aquarium cleaning kit that Hygger sent me was their 6 in 1 cleaning kit.

It comes with an array of cleaning devices including:

  • A cleaning sponge – for general glass cleaning.
  • A circular cleaning brush – for pipes etc.
  • A corner sponge – for corners.
  • A gravel rake – ideal if your fish like to re-decorate.
  • A scraping blade – for that extra tough algae.
  • A fish net – to catch the little menaces.

All of these come in the form of attachments that fit onto the end of an extendable cleaning rod. Ideal.


hygger aquarium cleaning kit 1


Unboxing the Hygger Aquarium cleaning kit

The Hygger aquarium cleaning kit came well presented, all packed as they are in the image above above.

The immediate impression I got was that this was a well-rounded cleaning kit that covers the vast majority of an aquarists needs.

It feels to be of good quality and the attachments fit securely to the cleaning rod. This is great as I’ve spent a lot of time in the past retrieving bits of cleaning kit from the bottom of the aquarium.

The cleaning rod is solid and fits together well, it is easily adjusted and the spring mechanism for fitting the attachments is really easy to use but very secure.

This kit includes all the tools you will need when cleaning your aquarium, though there may be one exception which I will talk about shortly.


Using the Hygger aquarium cleaning kit

As I’ve mentioned, this is a pretty comprehensive aquarium cleaning kit. It certainly covers all of my needs for general aquarium maintenance.

However, I did mention above that there may be an additional item that is not quite covered in this kit.

Whilst the kit includes a tube cleaning brush that is ideal for solid pipes, it doesn’t suit external filter pipes all that well. This is due to the cleaning rod being solid and therefore unable to bend with the pipes.

This means that if you run external filters, as I do on most of my tanks, you may well still need a long, flexible pipe brush in order to clean the pipes more easily, but don’t worry, they’re only a few quid, (SEE HERE) and theyre not needed all that often.

Other than that, this kit has everything covered and the pipe brush provided with this kit is also useful for cleaning nooks and crannies within decor etc.


Once I’d had a look through the attachments and had a play around, I got straight on with giving my tank a clean.

For most of us, including me, the most used item of this kit is going the be the sponge attachment for cleaning the glass.

A healthy tank almost always produces some level of algae and/or biofilm which can ruin the aesthetics of our aquarium.

I tend to get a thin layer of brown algae on my glass and a bit of biofilm, likely from the protein rich food (Absolute) that I use.

The sponge attachment fits securely to the cleaning rod and works very well. It is adjustable too so that the angle can be changed quickly and easily to access different areas of the aquarium.

The sponge itself is very soft to touch but removes algae with just a few light passes.

The length of the rod is great too. It is adjustable and extends up to around 90cm. This meant that, combined with the adjustable angle, I can clean the entirety of my aquarium glass without even getting my hands wet if I feel the need.

The other attachments fit securely to the cleaning rod in the same way too and all do their jobs well. I particularly like the corner cleaning sponge which makes getting into the corners of the glass just a little easier.

The gravel rake is pretty useful, my cichlids spend a lot of time moving and piling up gravel, so the rake is very handy for quickly shifting it all back.

This, however, is a repetitive game that me and my fish have always played, I think they’re winning.


Below is a photo of my aquarium glass mid clean, you can clearly make out the area that has been cleaned of the thin layer of algae/film on the front glass. This kit did a great job and made this a far more efficient task than my previous method of the ‘Mk1 sponge in hand routine’,


hygger aquarium cleaning kit 3 2

The Best bit – Hygger aquarium cleaning kit

So, one of my biggest bugbears with aquarium cleaning kits is that they often scratch the glass.

This is a particular problem if, like me, you have fine gravel or sand. It can easily get stuck in a cleaning sponge and make a mess of your beautiful aquarium.

I’ve had this happen several times over the past few years and where possible I’d like to avoid it from now on.

However, I was interested to see if this kit was going to be a danger to my now not so perfect glass.


So, whilst using the standard cleaning sponge I started cleaning around the bottom of the aquarium to see if it picked up any of my fine gravel. Sure enough, it did. So I continued to clean the glass in a relatively inconspicuous area to see if it did any damage. It did not.

So I tried it again. Still no scratches.

This is great! Whilst I absolutely will not be purposefully doing this in future, nor would I recommend that anyone else does, I feel I can clean my aquarium with this sponge in a relatively carefree manner.

It seems that this sponge is so soft that it won’t cause enough pressure to scratch the glass unless it is really pressed on there.

Please note: I did not apply excessive pressure and I’m sure that if you pressed hard enough then it may well scratch. This was with the same pressure I had been applying to clean the glass normally.


Overall – Hygger aquarium cleaning kit

Overall this is a really good all-round aquarium cleaning kit that should suit the needs of most aquarium owners.

The kit contains several cleaning attachments and even includes a fish net. These all fit securely to a sturdy, extendable cleaning rod and allow for easy and efficient maintenance.

I have noticed on amazon that there are many of these types of kits from various suppliers so be aware that this review only applies to the kit provided by Hygger.

Many of these kits appear to have what looks like a scouring sponge as the glass cleaner, I personally would not use that and would certainly expect it to scratch my glass in one way or another. So watch out for other brands on there.

This kit from Hygger though is great, it does its job well and is currently priced at just under £20, so it’s an absolute bargain!


As always, I feel two opinions are better than one and this kit was also sent to our fellow Instagram Aquarist, @joan_arms66 , she has given it a try too and you will find several videos of it in use on her page. CLICK HERE to see the glass sponge (my favourite bit) in action.

Give her a follow while you’re there too!! 


So, if like me you have been looking for a new, reliable aquarium cleaning kit and don’t want to break the bank, give the Hygger aquarium cleaning kit a try:

The link below will take you directly to Amazon, or alternatively you will now find this product in our SHOP.


(As an Amazon associate I earn a small commission on qualifying sales. This does not affect the price you pay but does help to support this site).


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. The products tested were provided by Hygger on the basis that I would publish an open and honest review. This review has not been influenced in any way and is my own experience of using this product.

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