African clawed frog

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african clawed frog


The African dwarf frog is found in ponds in sub-Saharan Africa.


5 inches

Aquarium Size:

90 litres / 20 US gal

Preferred water conditions:

  • Temp: 18 – 26°C
  • pH: 6.5 – 7.8
  • Hardness: Moderately soft – moderately hard


The African clawed frog is omnivorous and is predatory, preferring a meaty diet t will do well on prepared meaty foods supplemented with bug/insect-based live or frozen foods.


The African clawed frog is considered peaceful but is predatory and will consider anything small enough to fit in ts mouth as food.

Ideal tank mates are peaceful fish that are too large for it to swallow. Platy’, Molly’ and Swordtail are ideal choices.


Females grow larger and have a rounder body shape.


Breeding African clawed frogs is easy and requires a simulation of the start of the rainy season to trigger it.

Adding a few cm of cool water to the tank is often sufficient to simulate a fresh rain.

Up to 1000 eggs can be laid which are best kept separate from the parents, who will eat them.

Eggs will hatch after a few days and tadpoles take around 6 weeks to metamorphosis into tiny frogs.


A very interesting addition to the aquarium, African clawed frogs have no teeth or tongue and use their ‘hands’ to push food into their mouth. Completely aquatic, they require a fairly shallow aquarium to enable them to reach the surface easily to obtain air.

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