Clown Killifish/Rocket Killifish/Rocket Panchax

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clown killifish


Native to Western Africa where it inhabits stagnant ponds and slow-moving streams.


3 – 4cm

Aquarium Size:

45 litres/10 gal

Preferred water conditions:

  • Temp: 20 – 26°C
  • pH: 4 – 7
  • Hardness: Soft


Carnivorous, this fish is a meat eating micro predator and requires a diet of appropriately sized meaty food. Meaty micro pellets may be accepted if they are a floating variety but the fish will prefer small insect type foods such as tubifex or chopped bloodwrom.


A bright and colourful fish that inhabits the top of the water column where it hunts for food. A lid is essential when keeping these fish as they are excellent jumpers and will leap from the aquarium if able.


Males are far more brightly coloured than females.


Breeding this fish in the aquarium is easy and they should breed readily. A lower pH will encourage spawning. Eggs are ‘hung’ from plants such as Java moss or the roots of floating plants. The parents will take care of their fry but larger fry may eat smaller ones if you have multiple batches.


A very bright and colourful little fish that is suitable for Nano aquariums due to its small size. A covering is essential on the aquarium as despite their small size they are excellent jumpers.

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