Delhezi Bichir

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delhezi bichir


The Delhezi Bichir originates in Africa where it is native to the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Up to 14 inches.

Aquarium Size:

350 Litres / 90 gal.

Preferred water conditions:

  • Temp: 22 – 28°C
  • pH: 6.5 – 7.5
  • Hardness: Soft – Medium


Bichirs are carnivorous. In the wild, they feed on insects, crustaceans and smaller fish. Bichir will feed on prepared food in the aquarium, a high protein sinking pellet is ideal but this should be supplemented with live/frozen foods.

Bichir’s are slow feeders and are easily out-competed for food in the aquarium.


Bichirs spend most of their time at the lower region of the aquarium. They are predatory and will nip the fins of, or attempt to eat small fish. When kept with larger fish, the Bichir is quite placid and docile.

Bichirs are nocturnal and will spend most of the day resting in their chosen spot. Nighttime is when they will be most active in search of food.


Bichir’ are difficult to sex. Females grow larger than males. A male’s anal fin is broader than the females.


Little is reported on Bichir breeding in the aquarium.

Bichir are egg-laying fish and can lay up to 300 eggs over a few days in each spawn.

When spawning, the pair swim parallel until the female is ready to release her eggs. Once ready the pair stop, the female releases the eggs into the male’s anal fin where he fertilises them and disperses them with his tail.

Eggs are adhesive, sticking to plants and other surfaces where they will hatch 3 -4 days later.

Adult fish show no parental care and may eat their own young.

It is unknown what triggers spawning for many species of Bichir and it is very infrequent that they will breed in the aquarium.


A very interesting addition to the larger aquarium. Bichirs are extremely prehistoric in looks. A Bichir aquarium should offer lots of hiding places, a planted tank is ideal.

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