Figure 8 Puffer

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figure 8 puffer


Brackish and freshwater streams of Southeast Asia.


6cm/2.5 inches.

Aquarium Size:

90 litres/20 gal

Preferred water conditions:

  • Temp: 22 – 26°C
  • pH: 7 -7.5
  • Hardness: Soft – Medium


Figure 8 puffers prefer a diet of live foods including snails and shellfish, hard foods help to file their teeth and prevent them from overgrowing.


A very active little fish, figure 8 puffers are very busy in the aquarium. They can be aggressive towards tank mates and are best kept in a species only aquarium.


The figure 8 puffer is almost impossible to sex by eye.


Breeding is very very rare in the aquarium. It is reported that the female lays eggs on the substrate and the male guards them until they are free-swimming but little is known about their breeding.


The figure 8 puffer is often sold as a freshwater puffer. There is debate as to wether the figure 8 is a true freshwater species. In the wild it inhabits brackish streams and some reports suggest that a salinity level of 1.005 – 1.008 can increase their lifespan.

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