Firemouth Cichlid – Thorichthys meeki

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Firemouth Cichlid


The Firemouth Cichlid originates in Central America where it is fairly widespread.


Up to 6 inches.

Aquarium Size:

180l/50 US gal.

Preferred water conditions:

  • Temp: 22 – 29°C
  • pH: 6.5 – 8
  • Hardness: Moderately soft – Moderately hard.


The Firemouth Cichlid is omnivorous and should prove easy to feed in the aquarium. A staple diet of good quality CA Cichlid pellets should keep it in top condition when supplemented with the occasional treat of live/frozen foods.


The Firemouth Cichlid is rather peaceful in comparison to many other Cichlids from the same region. Growing to only 6 inches it is suitable for a community aquarium, provided there are no other fish small enough to be considered food.


Males grow larger and display brighter colouration, particularly when in spawning condition. They may also develop extended anal and dorsal fins as they mature.

Females are duller in colour and have a dark blotch in the dorsal fin. They do not grow as large as males and usually look rounder in the belly.


Breeding the Firemouth Cichlid is easy.

A pair will select a suitable spawning site, such as a rock or other flat surface where the female will lay up to a few hundred eggs.

The parents will tend to the fry in a pre-dug pit in the substrate and they should be free-swimming after a around 5 days.

Firemouth Cichlids tend to make good parents and often tend to their fry until they are 1 – 2cm in length, although the first spawn may be eaten by inexperienced parents.


A beautiful, smaller CA Cichlid that is suited to many community aquariums, the Firemouth has become a very popular aquarium fish. Whilst they are relatively peaceful, they may become more territorial whilst breeding.



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