Flagtail Characin

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Flagtail characin


South America – Amazon basin Brazil


up to 13 inches

Aquarium Size:

560 litres/150 gal

Preferred water conditions:

  • Temp: 23 – 28°C
  • pH: 6 – 7.5
  • Hardness: Soft – Hard (unfussy)


The Flagtail is omnivorous but primarily feeds on plant matter and algae. Vegetable matter such a courgette, cucumber and lettuce will be eagerly devoured.


The Flagtail is a large but peaceful fish in general. They will not be overly tolerant of conspecifics (other Flagtails) in the same aquarium. If you have thousands of gallons then larger groups can be kept successfully, but it is best kept as a single specimen in the average home aquarium.

Suitable tankmates include other large characins and peaceful cichlids.


Difficult to sex but females are often rounder bodied.


Breeding is highly unlikely in the aquarium. In the wild they are migratory spawners, travelling large distances to breed.


A stunning addition to the aquarium, the Flagtail Characin boasts stunning colour and a peaceful temperament. Its adult size means a large aquarium is required to keep one and they are best kept as a single specimen unless in vast quantities of water.

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