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Goldfish knowledgebase


China/Far east


Usually up to 8 inches. Goldfish have the potential to reach around 15 inches but this is uncommon. In the aquarium 7 – 8 inches is the average adult size.

Aquarium Size:

240 litres.

Preferred water conditions:

  • Temp: 10 – 23°C
  • pH: 7 – 8.5
  • Hardness: Hard


Omnivorous, Goldfish are not fussy eaters at all and will consume anything they can fit in their mouth. A healthy diet of goldfish flakes and pellets is ideal in addition to treats such as bloodworm.


Goldfish are peaceful but will eat anything they can swallow, including smaller fish and shrimp. They will also attempt to eat gravel/pebbles, so you will need to keep an eye on them. It has been known for goldfish to get pebbles stuck in their mouth.


Males are more slender than females and may develop white spots on the gill plates.


Goldfish are egg scatterers and like to spawn in plants. For a detailed guide on breeding Goldfish, click here.


Goldfish are one of the most numerous aquarium fish. Whilst it is possible to keep Goldfish in a smaller tank, we feel that a 8 inch fish deserves some swimming room, this is why we recommend at least 240 litres for keeping Goldfish.

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