Gold Saum – (Andinoacara rivulatus)

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Gold Saum


The Gold Saum cichlid is native to northern Peru and Ecuador, South America.

The Gold Saum has become known as the Green Terror or false green terror, but the true Green Terror is Adinoacara Stalsbergi. A.Stalsbergi do not usually show the orange colouration seen in the fins of the Rivalatus and are rarer to see in the trade.

The scales of the A. Rivalatus have a blue/green edge and a dark spot in the centre. Scales of A. Stalsbergi are blue/green in the centre with dark edges, this seems to be the most reliable way to tell which fish you have.



Up to 12 inches.

Aquarium Size:

400l/100 US gal.

Preferred water conditions:

  • Temp: 20 – 26°C
  • pH: 6.5 – 8
  • Hardness: Soft – Medium.


The Gold Saum is omnivorous and unfussy in the aquarium. The staple of its diet should be a good quality SA cichlid pellet, supplemented with a variety of live/frozen foods and vegetable matter.


The Gold Saum is a large, territorial cichlid. These fish have earned the title Green terror to some extent and can be very aggressive. It is ideal to keep these alone or as a mated pair.

Some tank mates can work, depending on the individuals. Other large, robust SA cichlids and larger, passive fish such as silver sharks are possible options. Aquarium size needs to be taken into account when adding tank mates though.


Males often develop a nuchal hump (protruding forehead). The males dorsal and anal fins will extend once mature and usually reach the tip of the tail. Females are far smaller than male specimens.


Adult fish are difficult to pair as the male will likely kill the female. If you wish to breed them the best strategy is to begin with several youngsters and allow them to pair off naturally as they mature.

The Gold Saum is a substrate spawner and requires slightly acidic water to spawn. A large water change of around 50% should encourage spawning once the fish are ready.

A flat area, such as a piece of slate will be cleaned where the female will lay up to 400 eggs. The male will guard against intruders while the female tends to them.

Eggs should hatch within 4 days.

Fry should be left with the parents for up to 6 weeks, or until the parents stop caring for them. The parents will keep them in a pre-dug hole in the substrate.


The Gold Saum is a beautiful fish and very popular in the aquarium trade. It is a large growing fish that can be very aggressive.




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