Orange Chromide – Etroplus Maculatus

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Etroplus Maculatus orange chromide


The Orange Chromide is native to the waters of India and Sri Lanka where it is most commonly found in Brackish conditions. Some small populations have been found in freshwater, but it is believed that they were intentionally introduced.


Up to 8cm.

Aquarium Size:

400l/105 US gal for a small group.

Preferred water conditions:

  • Temp: 21 – 28°C
  • pH: 7 – 8.5
  • Hardness: Moderate – Hard


The Orange Chromide will graze on Algae but will also happily accept frozen or live foods. Prepared food should contain a good portion of vegetable matter such as Algae or Spirulina.


Orange Chromides often live in groups and should be kept in a colony of 8 or more. They are relatively peaceful, unless breeding, and will develop a hierarchical structure within the group.



Sexing is quite difficult as there is conflicting information which seems to be produced by variations in fish from different catch locations,


The Orange Chromide is a substrate spawner which usually lays its eggs on a hard surface, such as a rock.

Once laid, the eggs take around 2 days to hatch at which point they will be moved to a pre-dug pit in the substrate.

Fry should be free swimming after another 2 – 3 days.

Both parents will guard the eggs and fry and usually take turns to search for food.

Parental care can continue until the fry almost matches their parents in size.





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