Rabbit Snail / Elephant Snail

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The Rabbit Snail or Elephant Snail originates in Indonesia.


Rabbit snails can reach 5 inches in length, but 3 inches is more realistic.

Aquarium Size:

90L/20 US gal.

Preferred water conditions:

  • Temp: 20 – 28°C
  • pH: 7.5 – 8.5
  • Hardness: Moderately soft – Hard.


The majority of the Rabbit snail’s diet is Algae, they are great at keeping aquariums algae free.

They will also consume uneaten fish food and detritus on the substrate.

Supplementing their diet with a good quality algae wafer and vegetable matter is a great idea, this ensures that they have plenty to eat and have a complete diet.


A very placid creature, Rabbit snails will spend their days searching for food and burying themselves in the substrate to rest.

Care must be taken when choosing tank mates as many fish may nip at the Rabbit snails antenna and head. Aggressive fish like Cichlids tend to be poor tank mates for rabbit snails.


Visually identical.


Rabbit snails breed much slower than many other aquarium snails.

Male snails will leave a ball of sperm for the female to collect. The female will collect it and sometime after will produce a small pearl like egg.

Usually, only a single snail will be born from each spawn.

Babies emerge looking like miniature versions of the adults and will immediately begin their search for food.


An excellent choice for the aquarium, these snails breed slowly and are much easier to manage in terms of population.

They are great at aquarium cleaning and are very peaceful.



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