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Nicrew LED review – Budget aquarium lighting

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Nicrew LED lights – If you are looking for a new LED light for your aquarium, you have no doubt come across options from Nicrew. Nicrew have a range of LED’s available for aquariums of all sizes that are budget-friendly.

Nicrew LED lights

If you are looking for a new LED light for your aquarium, you have no doubt come across options from Nicrew. Nicrew has a range of LED’s available for aquariums of all sizes that are budget-friendly.

I have recently started a project tank, which is a Fluval Roma 200. The tank is not in great condition to be honest, and the lighting unit needed replacing. After having a shop around, looking at various lighting options, I opted to create a new lid from perspex (which I will eventually replace with glass) and I have added a Nicrew LED light.

I ordered a Nicrew classic LED, which was very reasonably priced, so I wasn’t expecting great things, but so far I have been really impressed with it.

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nicrew led lighting review


Unboxing the Nicrew LED

The Nicrew LED arrived well packaged and intact.

Inside the box was the light itself, a power adaptor and two support legs to hold the light over the aquarium. These were secured so as not to cause damage to the light.

The light itself is very lightweight. This is handy if you don’t have the most sturdy of aquarium covers as you can be very sure that the weight of the light won’t crack or damage anything.

The lightweight also means that, if you wish, you could use the likes of command strips to hold the light inside the aquarium lid, provided it will not come into contact with water.

The one downside to this light is that it is not waterproof. The outer casing is plastic and has a vent in it to allow excess heat to escape. This means that water and condensation could easily get inside the unit and corrode components, or worse, give you a zap!


Nicrew LED



So are they any good?

I’ve had this Nicrew LED running for around a month and a half now and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. This light fits the 3.5 foot Roma perfectly and it only cost around £25.

There are a host of lighting options available for the aquarium, but most are priced much higher than this. In the past, I have been let down by the more expensive brands, but at this price, I would have very few complaints.

The light itself is lightweight but feels sturdy enough and it is provided with everything you need to set it up. The switch on the power supply allows you to switch between blue lights only and full white and blue lighting.

It would be great if Nicrew had a timer that could control each colour separately, but their current model is single channel only.

Their timer is handy though as it allows you to set on/off times for the light and allows ‘ramping’. This means that the light brightness increases slowly when the light comes on (simulating sunrise), and dims slowly when turning off (simulating sunset).

Whilst this feature looks good, it is also handy for your fish. A sudden bright light can make them jump, often swimming into things and injuring themselves. Brightening the light slowly prevents the shock of a bright light just flicking on above them.

The light is bright and lights up the entire tank without issue. Whilst this model isn’t specified as being good for plants, I have added some low light requiring Anubias to the tank and they are growing nicely.

I can’t imagine that more demanding plants would fair particularly well with this model of lighting, however, if you are looking to set up a tank with more demanding plants, then Nicrew have another reasonably priced option. – (Since writing this, I have been informed by Mr Brightfryed that these lights actually do a great job, even on more densely planted aquariums).


Nicrew LED – for planted tanks

I haven’t purchased the planted version yet, so I’m unable to write any sort of review on it. Luckily for us, our friend Mr Brightfryed has recently purchased one and has made a great video review. Here it is:





If you’re looking for a new LED light for your aquarium, then the Nicrew models are well worth a look. Particularly if you’re on a budget. If you aren’t on a budget, then there are plenty of options available, many of which may last longer and be of better quality, but why spend hundreds of pounds when you can achieve the same effect for £25?

As a budget light, I would have zero complaints about the Nicrew LED. It is bright, sturdy, works well and costs a lot less than the higher end brands.


If you’re looking for some new Aquarium lighting and are on a budget, then use the link below to view the full Nicrew LED range on Amazon:



Nicrew LED range –


Nicrew LED range – Amazon USA



(As an Amazon Associate I earn on qualifying purchases).


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