All Pond Solutions EFX


The All Pond Solutions range of external filters offer a budget-friendly option for powerful Aquarium cleaning.

The All Pond Solutions EFX is the largest of their canister filters, turning over 2000LPH and is rated for aquariums up to 1000L in volume.

These are an excellent choice of filter that does not break the bank.


  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater tank up to 1000 Litres
  • Easy priming unit – simple setup
  • Drip-free shut-off tap for easy cleaning
  • Includes free media (activated carbon, ceramic rings, bio balls and floss foam)
  • Instruction manual in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian


The new and improved EF range of external Fish tank filters from All Pond SolutionsThe EF filter range includes many changes to improve on our previous range of Fishtank filters including easier, more consistent priming functionality and a stronger, more durable body design for marine Fish keepers we have paid special attention to improving existing fittings so they last longer in a saltwater environment.

In addition to these changes we now supply each filter with a full 2 years warranty for that extra peace of mind.

Utilising a multi-stage approach to filtration, filtering aquarium tank water through multiple internal layered baskets filled with assorted filter media material it provides extremely thorough biological, mechanical and chemical filtration.

Each external filter in our range operates exactly the same way as our internal powerhead filters but are designed to be positioned outside of your tank. Each unit draws water into the filter through an inlet tube and returns crystal clear water via an outlet tube (both supplied).

The outlet tube is fitted with a spray-bar to help increase oxygen aeration levels within your tank. These filter’s are absolutely ideal for freeing-up space within your tank and provide a huge internal capacity for filter media, making them suitable for larger volume tanks.

Each model is supplied with ceramic rings, bio-balls, activated carbon and fine floss filter foam. By filtering your tank using the provided filter media you will observe a vastly improved level of waste-free water through extremely strong biological purification. The filter’s easy-access layered filter media basket’s make it simple to customise your media choices to suit your aquarium and fish livestock needs.

Maintaining the filter is very simple. The drip-free shut-off tap allows you to remove the filter and transport it away from your aquarium Fish tank to an area more suitable for cleaning. Each filter media basket lifts smoothly out of the unit and can be easily rinsed through and returned to continue its operation.



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