All Pond Solutions Reef Surge


The All Pond Solutions Reef Surge is a fully adjustable version of their wave maker range.

This model is adjustable from 700 to 8000LPH of flow.

There are 8 speed settings to fully control the flow in your aquarium.

This unit is well suited to the marine aquarium but can be used in freshwater for added flow control.

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All pond solutions Reef Surge adjustable wave maker:

  • High performance, powerful water flow combined with low energy consumption
  • Intelligent control system with 8 speed control to generate a variety of wave modes
  • Feed mode unit will cease operation for 10 minutes before automatically starting again
  • Specially designed magnet clamp ensures near silent operation
  • Flow rate from 700-8000 Litres per hour


Product Description

The all pond solutions reef surge wave makers are fantastic additions to any reef aquarium. Provided with a feature-packed controller, you can tailor the settings of your reef surge to match your own needs.

Can be programmed to sync wirelessly with each other to create ideal reef conditions in your aquarium or individually controlled. The innovative magnet clamp design incorporates a protective rubber cushion designed to minimise vibrations, meaning these run almost silently. Flow rate: 700-8000 Litre/ Hour.

Box Contains

1 x All Pond Solutions REEF-SURGE-8000 Reef Surge Adjustable Programmable Aquarium Wave Maker Powerhead with Remote Control, 700-8000 L/H Flow Rate


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