Boyu Foam Filter


Foam filters are a great way to add filtration and oxygenation to your aquarium.

Cheap and effective, air-driven foam filters are a great addition to any tank.

Check out our guide to Foam Filtration HERE.

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  • Aquarium Fish Tank Biochemical Sponge Filter
  • For Fish Fry / Shrimp Tanks
  • Compatible with External, Submersible & Trickle Filters
  • Good Alternative to Air Stones
  • Structured Foam for Effective Bacteria Cultivation


For those looking to add a little extra filtration to their tank, an Aquarium Fish Tank Biochemical Sponge Filter is the perfect solution.

Compatible with most kinds of filtration including external, submersible and trickle filters, our biochemical filter connects directly to inlet pipework helping achieve cleaner, clearer water.

A good alternative to air stones, these small aquarium fry fish tank biochemical sponge filter inlets can be connected to your air pump for tank aeration.

The specially contoured fine biochemical foam is excellent for cultivating bacteria, and the weighted base ensures stability. A popular choice for fry and discus tanks.

Features – Excellent additional /secondary filtration – Structured foam for effective bacteria cultivation – Weighted bottom section for stability – Excellent for fry tanks – Compatible with most filter or air pumps


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