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Microsorum pteropus is a water fern which should be grown on a root or stone, attached with fishing line until it has gained a hold. If it is planted in the bottom, do not cover the root stem (rhizome) because it will rot. Easy to propagate by splitting the horizontal rhizome. A hardy plant which grows in all conditions. The black spots under the leaves are sporangia (reproductive organs), not signs of disease as many believe. This is an easy category plant. Family: Polypodiaceae Origin: Asia Height: 15 cm – 30 cm Width: 12 cm – 20 cm Temperature: 30 – ° C pH: 5 – 8 Remove the pot and the mineral wool carefully from the roots. The root stem should not be covered fully by the bottom layer or it will rot. Plants can also be fastened to a stone or roots. Trim by cutting pieces from the root stem. Grown to the highest quality in Denmark by Tropica Aquarium Plants. Category – Middle Ground Plants.

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