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RJD Fish tanks – Dry start 1-week update


A 1-week update on the dry start carpet from RJD Fish Tanks

Dry start method 1-week update from RJD Fish tanks

We have an update, one week on from the previous videos on the progress of RJD Fish tanks carpeted cube. This tank was planted using the dry start method, if you haven’t seen the original video check it out here.



1 Week update

As you can see, the plants are growing well considering that only a week ago they were seeds in a bag. The dry start method is an effective way of getting plants to bed in and become established prior to the water being added.

In this video, some water has been added to the aquarium, all be it a small amount. This isn’t necessary for the dry start method to work, the aquarium just needs to be damp, however, a small amount of water in the tank certainly won’t do any harm.

Here’s hoping that RJD keep us updated on how this progresses so that you can see the end game, I expect that it will fill out a lot more over the next few weeks resulting in an amazing carpet of green.

This does take some patience, after a week, this example from RJD Fish Tanks has progressed very well, certainly more than I thought that it would have in such a short space of time. If you are thinking of attempting a dry start, be prepared to be watching it grow in for a good few weeks.


RJD Fish Tanks

Robert at RJD has kindly agreed for us to share his knowledge via our website for all to view. If you want to see some more of his great videos then check out his youtube channel here. Don’t forget to subscribe!


Here is his description for this video:

Here we have our one week update on our cube tank with our carpet seeds | Dry Tank |

I’m really glad to say that these cheap seeds that we bought online have really worked and done the job!!

We were not too sure if this was actually going to work, but it has defiantly been fun so far!!

Thinking of leaving it without water for another week or two to really let the carpet catch on as well as the seeds that have not sprouted as of yet. The plan will be to put a few plants in the background as this thank will have no Co2 – No Filter – No Heater !!

Let me know what you think ill be putting inside as well as your comments on the carpet so far 🙂 Please hit the like button, Share and Subscribe!!! As I have said, for all sneak peeks go to my Instagram page @rjd_fishtaks for all the sneak peeks!! Go check out for anything aquarium related as well!!!


Here is his channel’s ‘about’ section:

My name is Robert Dickinson and I have created this channel to share my aquascaping tutorials, general fish keeping and tips throughout my journey.

These are some of the things that you will find when subscribing to my channel.

I started this channel so that I can show the world my take on looking after fish, maintaining the tanks and the best part when you get a new fish tank, deciding how you would like to set it up according to your own personal expressions. I recently moved from South Africa to the UK.

I am always down to connect and answer any question. I value each and every person’s options and thoughts and always willing to assist where I can, so please send me a message or leave a comment and I will do my best to give you the best outcome possible. Thank you so much for Subscribing and doing this journey with me. Robert Dickinson



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