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Running a Fish room the cheaper way – by Andy Woods

fish room the cheap way andy woods

Running a Fish room

Running a Fish room is a dream for most aquarists. With this being such an addictive hobby, it can easily go from getting your first tank to having multiple tank syndrome very quickly.

The issue is that this hobby isn’t the cheapest. With external filters costing 100’s of pounds alone, there are running costs to consider too.

A Fish room could then cost you hundreds in heating and electricity, and that’s after the initial outlay of purchasing all the equipment.

So how can a Fish room be made cheaper?


Running a Fish room on a budget

A few days ago I saw this great video from Mr Andy Woods on Youtube. He keeps a Fish room in a garden shed, on top of the many tanks already in his house.

His fish room is particularly economical to run and he has now produced this video to show us all how it’s done:



So there it is. Not a power filter in sight.

Andy estimates that this entire room costs less to run than the average large home aquarium, and he probably isn’t wrong.

Based on the wattage of the equipment, then providing the insulation is effective, this room could certainly cost less to run than a 600l home aquarium.


Things to consider

The only cost not mentioned here is the water bill. With all those tanks it is important to remember that the water bill will increase with those huge water changes.

It will also add a considerable amount of time to your weekly cleaning duties. So just before you place your order for a massive garden shed, make sure you have thought through the whole process first.

The lack of power filters and heaters will certainly reduce the initial outlay to get all the equipment together to set this up.

But tanks and racking are still expensive and even for this low budget, economical setup, I would estimate a bill of a few thousand pounds (not including the shed itself).


Andy Woods – Fish room tours

Andy Woods runs a very popular Youtube channel where he shows off his impressive collection of large American Cichlids.

For more of his videos, you can find his channel HERE.

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Planning on building a Fish room?

If you are planning to build your own fish room then feel free to share your progress with us! You could also send in your own video of your fish room build for everyone to see.

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