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Seriously Fishy is open!!

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Seriously Fishy s open

Welcome to Seriously Fishy!


Whilst we’re still working on things and filling this place with information for beginners and experienced aquarists alike, we’ve decided we’re ready for you to start signing up and sharing your fishy knowledge.


Sign up is free and will give you access to our blog, forum, gallery and social, so you will have loads of places to share and find information, and of course, to show off your fishy friends.


The aim here is to create a friendly place to share knowledge with a light-hearted atmosphere.  Our blog posts are aimed at all levels, so they will be easy to read and ‘no-nonsense’ as much as they can be.


This site hasn’t been created by some corporate machine out to make money, it has been made by aquarists, for aquarists, so its a little different from the rest.


We hope you enjoy it and find it easy to use! Hopefully we’ll all be chatting in the forums soon!

About the author

James @Seriously Fishy

I am a fish keeping enthusiast with over 20 years experience. I currently keep American Cichlids (CA) which are my favourite fish to keep so far. I started Seriously Fishy as I noticed a large volume of people on various web pages looking for help with Aquarium basics. I created the first Seriously Fishy book to solve the issue in 28 pages, that led to the Seriously Fishy UK fish forum and blog.

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