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Welcome to Seriously Fishy – The aquarium forum and blog for all!

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Welcome to Seriously Fishy – Aquarium forum and blog for aquarists of all levels. If you’re in to fish keeping, then we’ve got something for you…

Welcome to the Seriously Fishy Club

Seriously Fishy is an online Aquarium forum, blog and club for Aquarists of all abilities.

Our aim is to create an online aquarist community where fishkeepers of all experience levels can share tips and tricks, along with some informative articles and useful product reviews.

Fishkeeping can easily become a minefield, with so many social media groups filled with thousands of ‘experts’, it is often hard to find the right information.

Our site is all about keeping it honest, simple and from experience.


Seriously fishy aquarium forum


Seriously Fishy Guide

Seriously Fishy was created as a site for aquarists to exchange stories, tips and recommendations at all levels. Our Aquarium forum, blog and shop is designed to cater for aquarists of all abilities:


If you are brand new to aquariums then we have lots of helpful articles to guide you through starting up your aquarium. We recommend starting HERE.

We also have an Aquarium forum where you can ask any questions that we haven’t answered yet and if you are really in need of information fast then you can ask us via messenger (link on the home page).

We’re also more than happy for this to be used to ‘request an article’ – If there’s something you would like us to write up for you then let us know!


If you have some experience in fish keeping already then we’ve got you covered too.

Our Shop has a range of tried and tested aquarium items for you to browse. These are all available to purchase through Amazon, so you can be sure of quick delivery and great customer service.

Our Aquarium forums need you too! Use your experience to answer questions from those who are just starting up, or if you need help yourself then ask an expert.

You may also find that you can still learn from our blog articles. Every day is a school day and we’re still learning ourselves!


If you are a total fish nerd like me then we have lots for you too!

Our website is a community, so anyone can add to it. Our blog is open to submissions and so is our knowledge base. So if you have lots of knowledge to share then please do.

You can submit a blog article for all to read HERE.

You can add a Fishy profile to our knowledge base HERE.

Please make sure you are logged in when submitting an article so that we know who wrote it and can accredit you correctly. 

Something for everyone

Whatever level you are, you can sign up and create your own profile here to chat with other aquarists in our Forums and via our sites messaging service.

Our newsletter service is available too via our homepage, don’t worry we won’t spam you, we’ll just let you know when we publish a new article that you may be interested in.


Aquarium Social media

For those of you who prefer social media to the wider internet, we’ve got that too!

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram where we have various pages and groups for you to follow.

We’ll post regular photos and videos of our own fish along with some useful tips to help you on your fishy journey.

If you post some snaps of your wet pets then use our hashtag: #seriouslyfishyclub

This will auto-upload your snaps to our online gallery for everyone to see. The snaps will be linked to your account so that the community here can find your page too!

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Seriously Fishy

Welcome again to the Seriously Fishy Club, we hope it caters to all your Aquarium needs and if not, let us know!

We’re looking forward to having a bustling, busy community of aquarists where we can all share our knowledge and show our fish off too!

Our aim is to run an online aquarium community that helps aquarists old and new alike in a fun and relaxed yet informative setting.


We hope you’ll join us in that mission. See you in the forums!



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Disclaimer – Seriously Fishy is owned and operated by Aquarists, we are not qualified vets and our advice comes from our experience in fish keeping along with any research we have done (see any references).

Our reviews are all our own opinion of the product in question, we will test them thoroughly before doing any writing on them. We will not be influenced by any sponsors (if we accept any) etc.

About the author

James @Seriously Fishy

I am a fish keeping enthusiast with over 20 years experience. I currently keep American Cichlids (CA) which are my favourite fish to keep so far. I started Seriously Fishy as I noticed a large volume of people on various web pages looking for help with Aquarium basics. I created the first Seriously Fishy book to solve the issue in 28 pages, that led to the Seriously Fishy UK fish forum and blog.

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