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Welcome to Seriously Fishy – The aquarium forum and blog for all!

seriously fishy uk aquarium forum

Welcome to Seriously Fishy – a UK Aquarium forum and blog

I thought I’d kick this off with a short explanation of why I started this aquarium forum and blog and where I hope to end up with it.  So here goes:

Why it started

I’ve kept fish since I was a young lad and have always loved it.  Throughout those years my understanding and knowledge of aquarium keeping have grown substantially, so has my love for it.

Recently I discovered Reddit and the various pages on there that are aimed at fish keeping.  I noticed that there are a lot of people just starting out who reminded me of myself when I started, with lots of questions and some having serious aquarium problems.  I found that I could answer many of these questions and have been doing so for a good few months now.

There are similar pages on social media, with a lot of confused fish keepers with unanswered questions, or in some cases, poorly answered questions that send them in the wrong direction.

After having a look around I found that a lot of this information can often be difficult to track down, hidden in the reams of internet pages or deep in a long book, which for many aquarists can be quite overwhelming.

This made me think that it would be far more efficient if all this information was in one place that people could find easily.  So I wrote a short book, its available on Amazon and is titled ‘Seriously Fishy: A no-nonsense beginners guide to your first tropical aquarium’.

The book is FREE on kindle unlimited and is priced as low as possible if not (Amazon wouldn’t allow me to set it as free).

As the title would suggest, it is short and to the point. it should take less than 45 mins to read (on average) and covers all the basic essentials of starting your first tank.

Now, I am not a writer, so I certainly won’t be expecting any awards for this little project, my hope was only that it helped out those new to aquarium keeping so they can have a successful start with a little bit of knowledge behind them.

So far the feedback has been good, so hopefully, that’s what I have achieved with it.


seriously fishy uk aquarium forum



After writing a little book, I thought why stop there?  There are countless more out there with countless more questions.  Wouldn’t it be great to continue this and have one great place for aquarists of all levels to be able to chat and for these questions to be answered?

So here it is, all be it in the making right now, but my hope is that will soon become the place to be for all aquarium help and chat.


What’s different?

Now, I’m not new to the internet and I’m aware that there are lots of aquarium forums out there.  But I’ve yet to find one that works well and is run by aquarists for aquarists.

I’ve also been a bit disappointed that all the aquarium forums seem to be filled with casino ads or similar rubbish. So this site will not become that, however, if the likes of Fluval, Eheim or any other aquarium company fancy having a slot on here then I would be more than happy to facilitate.


Experienced Aquarists

If you’re an experienced fish keeper, you’ll probably remember what it was like to be starting out and having to search for all the information you needed.  Like me, you’ve probably been on forums already, helping out the newbies where you can.  My hope is that this will become a great place to come for you too, you will easily be able to pass on your own knowledge in the forums, and, if you wish, you can write an article for our blog too.


As you may have guessed, the aim here is to eventually have an effective aquarium forum and blog combination where the information you need is easy to find, and if it’s not here yet then it’s easy to ask.

So whether you’re new to aquariums and need some advice, or you’re a fish tank guru with years of experience, this will soon become the place for you.

So, that’s the dream, fingers crossed, with your help and a bit of hard work, we’ll get there soon.


The Aquarium forum for you?

Hopefully, Seriously Fishy sounds like the aquarium forum for you, whether that is to gain or share your knowledge, we don’t mind.

Seriously fishy is completely FREE and you can sign up HERE, where you can start your own fishy profile and join our fishkeeping community for all.

Don’t forget to check your junk folder for the confirmation email!!

See you in the forum!

uk aquarium forum









aquarium forumPLEASE NOTE: All information shared on Seriously Fishy is given as advice. Unless specifically stated, no-one has any vetinary or animal related qualification other than experience.

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I am a fish keeping enthusiast with over 20 years experience. I currently keep American Cichlids (CA) which are my favourite fish to keep so far. I started Seriously Fishy as I noticed a large volume of people on various web pages looking for help with Aquarium basics. I created the first Seriously Fishy book to solve the issue in 28 pages, that led to the Seriously Fishy UK fish forum and blog.

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